9 Things Every Girl With Small Hands Has To Deal With!

9 Things Every Girl With Small Hands Has To Deal With!

Having long, dainty fingers was one of the impossible goals I had for my body as a teenager. Impossible, because by then, I had figured that I looked exactly like my five-foot tall mother and had her temperament, too. So, in spite of being lanky, my hands would remain just one step short of fully developing. Here are 9 things that happen to me because I have really small hands.

1. Holding hands is a big problem, HUUGE

Props to me for that Donald Trump reference, but my fingers just slip out of people’s hands. Unless you grip them real tight, good luck initiating anything romantic with me. Btw, shaking someone’s hand is equally awkward.  

1 small hands

2. Winters are a bane

Why, you ask? Well, because no gloves ever fit my hands. Not even the one’s from the kids sections. There is always this dodgy bit sticking out on top of my fingers, which tbh, is not a great look.

3. And so are rings

You can’t wear a big, statement ring because it just stands out disproportionately. Of course you get to this only after you find a ring that fits your goddamn fingers!

4. Flipping someone off hardly has the same impact

Your middle finger is probably as big as their little finger so it looks more juvenile than insulting.

4 small hands

5. Clear paint is your best bet for a manicure

Simply because your tiny nails are not the most promising canvas for elaborate nail art.

6. Your clap is Golf-polite

Because no matter how loudly you clap, there is only so much impact you can have.

7. Multitasking is an art

My only all-time shopping ammunition is a big ass tote bag. There is only so much my precious little fingers can hold on to.

7 small hands

8. Not really into opening jars

I have been working out for the last six months, and yet when my flatmate asked me to open the lid of a frozen honey jar, I bailed faster than a road runner!

9. Compliments do more harm than good

“Aww, you have such cute hands?” Really? Kthnksbye.

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