10 Wedding Photographers We're Following On Instagram & You Should Too!

10 Wedding Photographers We're Following On Instagram & You Should Too!

Believe us when we say this… Your wedding is going to pass by in an instant and soon you’ll be left with some gorgeous photos and memories that’ll stay close to your heart forever. And in order to give you some real inspiration and ideas, we have compiled a list of some awesome wedding photographers on Instagram. We’re following them and you should too!

1. Tuhina Chopra Photoworks

Whether you are looking for candid captures, awesome portraits or just colourfully synchronized images of your wedding, Tuhina Chopra Photoworks Instagram handle will take you back to all things pretty. There is a certain amount of softness in every frame that makes each capture such a picture perfect one.

2. Whatknot

Apart from winning several awards and accolades in the ‘Best Wedding Portraits’ and  ‘Celebrations Category’ from the Wedding Photography Association of India, Whatknot is a celebrated favourite amongst brides for capturing the untold emotions in a wedding ceremony. From the candid haldi smearing picture to the sharp bridal portraits and magical group shots, there is reason why it they are a favourite with brides!

3. Dipak Studios Photography

Every image clicked by Dipak Studios comes with a pinch of fairy dust which makes it even more visually appealing. Their bridal entry photos and the pretty mandap ones are particularly our favourites. But do not miss the dreamy pre-wedding shoots on their Insta page. You’ll definitely be spoiled with ideas!

4. Ramit Batra Photography

Is there anything that Ramit Batra can’t do? Whether it is the life size drone captures or just a super theatrical one that seems nothing short of a Bollywood movie, every picture is a burst of light and vibrant colours. There is a certain amount of happiness in each capture that makes you want to smile when you view them.

5. Cupcake Productions

Each frame captured by Shruti and Jayant is a celebration of love and togetherness. This infact, is quite evident in the pictures too. Be it their beautiful bridal portraits, pre-wedding shots or mesmerizing group photos, the duo sure knows how to represent your wedding moments in utmost elan and style.

6. Safarnama

One look into Safarnama’s Instagram account, and you’ll be awestruck by all the cuteness and happy captures. Each frame tells a story and that is what makes them one of our absolute favourites. Whether it is candid captures or cute couple photography, you should totally follow them for some photo inspiration before your big day.

7. Shades Photography

If you are looking for some experimental pictures that are a far cry from the same old wedding pictures, then Ashwin and Jhalak of Shades Photography would definitely do you good. Think underwater pre-wedding photoshoot, or a true blue Bollywood style capture that is straight out of a Yash Raj movie, they make everything seem so, so effortless. Totally worth checking out for some solid inspo!

8. Coolbluez Photography

Does Coolbluez Photography need an introduction? The celebrated wedding photographers shot the famous Cheap Thrills bride and took the internet by storm. They’re even famous for creative pre-wedding concepts and if a variety of work gets you excited, you should totally hit the follow button NOW!

9. Infinite Memories

They stay true their name, quite literally. From pretty pre-wedding photoshoots to quirky bachelorette captures and some beautiful candid group shaadi shots, the people from Infinite memory have a knack of making even the simple things look so pretty.

10. The Wedding Conteurs

The Wedding Conteurs capture traditional shaadi moments with a unique twist. So you’ll see a lot of ‘Maharani’ like bridal portraits coupled with royal couple photos. Their Instagram is filled with gorgeous photos of brides with each photo better than the other. Whether you want inspiration for your big day or just want to scroll through photos of bride, this is a page to follow.

Featured Image: Tuhina Chopra Photoworks