The Coolest Wedding Invite Ideas To Set The Tone For Your Wedding!

The Coolest Wedding Invite Ideas To Set The Tone For Your Wedding!

Nobody takes those endless strolls around Chandni Chowk to find that intricately designed wedding card anymore. Times have changed and with it, wedding invites have also upgraded. You hardly get to see those old traditional palki prints and those gold and glitzy cards with crystals on them. Designs and concepts have got a lot more interesting and we have the coolest and quirkiest ideas for you. So if you want your wedding invitation to become the talk of the town, think no further, we have you covered with all that’s trending this wedding season. Take a dekko:

1. Cassette cum wedding invite, say what?

1 Wedding invites

Image Source: Pink Whistle Man

Yeah, it’s something that immediately grabs your attention. It’s a never seen before concept that takes you back to the good old 90s and we sure are going gaga over it. Postcards with a cassette print and an invitation note, does it get any cuter?

2. Think about nature: Send e-cards, save paper

2 wedding invites

Image Source: Art-is-tick

In this digital era where everything is digital, why should your wedding invitations be printed? Get online and send your guests e-invites instead of printed cards. Online invites also give you the option of personalizing them for each of your guests and save you the hassle of having them hand delivered. Do check out this awesome WhatsApp invite too.

3. Rustic feels, innovative

3 wedding invites

Image Source: Perfect Invites

Got a thing for rustic decor? Why not implement the same for your wedding card? Be innovative with your ideas and take this image as your go-to reference for a rustic theme wedding invitation.

4. Wedding Cuppa: A lot can happen over a cup of tea

4 wedding invites

Image Source: Create a flutter

A wedding invite that comes with a cup of tea -- refreshing, isn't it? Tea lovers would get it even better. Mix it up and send the invites with different flavours of Earl Grey, Darjeeling, Ceylon and Assam.

5. Get it framed, forever!

5 wedding invites

Image Source: Varda

It might be a little OTT but that’s the trend catching up these days. Mostly owing to the movies, invitations are now being framed and packed in a cool box. Don't overdo it, keep it subtle. Take cues from this cute little mandap framed on the wedding card.

6. Shit just got real, literally!

Shit has finally hit the roof. So calling our best friends to help us clean it up. Of course, this bottle of scotch is only an advance payment. Turn up, click selfies and we promise you much more. Now, that's a wedding everyone wants to turn up to.

7. Go the 3D way

Why just watch movies in 3D, when you can even give your wedding card a 3D angle?! Get innovative and get similar 3D pop-up on your wedding card. It might pinch your pocket a bit but it will leave your guests drooling.

8. Pick the theme, be the theme

Destination wedding invites need to be special. Especially if it’s a beach wedding, you have to be all the more creative while inviting your guests to a beachy affair. Take some shells, pearls, stones and put it in small jars, pack it in a box with a sweet note and don’t make sure the colours are in-keeping with the beach theme.

Featured Image: Ravish Kapoor Invitations