Unwashed Hair, Don't Care - 7 Awesome Hairstyle Ideas To Rock This Shaadi Season!

Unwashed Hair, Don't Care - 7 Awesome Hairstyle Ideas To Rock This Shaadi Season!

The wedding season can be quite hectic if you belong to that age group when you have one friend tying the knot after the other! Your outfit should be on point, along with the make-up too. Bad hair days then, are never an option. But fret not, with us as a your trusted guide, you need not worry! If you are looking for some quick hairstyles, that even work with unwashed hair (no judging!), then these short wedding hairstyle ideas would be perfect. Take a look!

1. Messy Top Bun

Believe us, this can be quite a saver, not only when you don’t have enough time to get ready but also when you are too lazy to wash your hair! You could very well gather your tresses and tie them high up in a top bun. But we suggest, you jazz it up a bit by parting your pony in two sections and then wrapping it around each other to create a fluffy bun.This will make your bun look bigger and also also give an added volume to it.

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2. Dutch It Baby!

Unwashed hair tends to make your hair greasy, which is why leaving it open doesn’t exactly seem like a good plan. That’s when braids come to your rescue. Add that extra bit of oomph with a dutch braid hairstyle like this, which would surely earn you loads of compliments. Start with a french style braid and just loosen it up from the corners to add a bit of fluff and volume. Pretty up with tiny flowers for a mehendi ceremony!

3. Side Braid With A Twist


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If you’re looking to rock princess Jasmine’s hairstyle but with a twist of your own, then this bejewelled side braid would be perfect. We mean, what’s there to not love about it? It is as simple as it looks. Start with parting your hair and braiding it sideways. Once done, you could secure a shiny ribbon or even a simple chain to give it a dressier look. Make sure you secure the accessory with a bobby pin so that it stays put all day!

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4. The Low Pony

When in doubt, just wear your hair in a ponytail! And with slightly oily hair, a sleek low ponytail is your best bet. It doesn’t even require fancy hair accessories. You just need to tie your hair in a pony and gently wrap up a strand around the hair bow to secure it without having to put lots of bobby pins to it! You can even backcomb the front section for some added volume.

5. Twist Up Chignon


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Don’t get overwhelmed by its French name! If you are looking for a classic hairstyle that’ll not only make you appear put together but will also keep those flyaways at bay, then a twist up chignon like this would be perfect. The key is to twist each parting separately. Watch the video for an easy step by step tutorial. A little practice and it won’t take you more than 15 minutes to recreate this beautiful hairstyle. Definitely save it for the wedding day!

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6. Crown Braid


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If you want to leave your hair open but are still concerned about greasy hair getting in your way, then this crown braid hairstyle would work best. Instead of leaving it all open, we suggest you secure it in a half updo to make it look neater. Once done, you can join the fish braids with the help of bobby pins, and you’ll be good to go! You can even use a dry shampoo in case your hair feel a little too greasy.

7. Fishtail + Side Bun Magic

Give your simple side bun a beautiful uplift by adding a fishtail braid on one side. This hairstyle works well if you are blessed with long hair and want to give an added dimension to it. Some great accessories and a lovely smile, and we are sure, you’ll be the best looking guest in the house!

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