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Vidya Balan Shuts Down Reporter’s Questions On Her Weight!

Akanksha Bhatia

Lifestyle Writer

Vidya balan has a new movie releasing this weekend and we’re super excited about Tumhari Sulu, where she plays a housewife by day and a radio jockey by night. She has left no stone unturned and is constantly interacting with the press to promote the film. For a woman who has always been outspoken and opinionated about the roles she plays and the criticism regarding her weight, promoting body positivity in every aspect of her life, this question in a recent interview came as a shock.

"Are you going to stick to doing 'women-centric' roles? Or have you thought about losing weight?"

Can you imagine being a National Film Award winner (several times over) and be shamed over your weight? Her response though, did make my heart feel a little better.

"I am very happy doing the kind of work I am doing and it will be really great if you change your mentality."

Watch the outrageous interview here:

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Vidya, never lose your sass, it’s time we treated our actresses better and gave them their share of much deserved credit. Popular media has been propagating notions which imply that only a certain kind of body type can be deemed as “beautiful”. These ideas need to make their way out of our media industry, as well as our mindsets and hopefully, we’ll get there soon.

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Published on Nov 15, 2017
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