Here Are The Types Of Guys You Might Come Across At A Rishta Meeting!

Here Are The Types Of Guys You Might Come Across At A Rishta Meeting!

Rishta meetings are fun - let’s give them that! And they are fun not because of all the nervousness or anxiety that comes with them (sarcasm guys, sarcasm!), but because of the various characters one comes across at such meetings. In case you’re meeting a guy anytime soon, you must check out this list of the kind of guys you might come across at a typical rishta meeting. Ready for some laughs? Here we go...

1. The self obsessed, self proclaimed hero

This is the guy who is in high demand in the wedding ‘market’ because of his huge list of degrees and his six-digit salary figure. He will keep bragging about how intelligent and important he is, and how he is so much better than the rest of us peasant people!

2. Mr. Creepy creeperson

Ever since he was told about this meeting with you, he started stalking you on all possible social media platforms - Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and what not! So when you finally meet him, he will know more about you than you yourself...apparently.

3. The one with all the questions

Hey there, Sherlock! Right from questions about your childhood to examining, questioning and cross questioning you about your ex boyfriends, he will have way too many things to ask you. Usually more than you can handle!

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4. Maa da laadla

The mama’s boy, dearies, is the funniest to come across. From picking a samosa that was offered to talking to you in private, he will need his mom’s permission and advice on everything. Being attached to your parents is one thing, but his dependance on his mom will be clearly visible.

5. The pseudo intellectual one

Ah! The I-know-everything-and-I’m-the-smartest guy… He will have a variety of topics prepared that he will discuss with you to show off his practically non-existent wit. He will go on and on about the state of affairs in the country and child labour and stuff, but will have no real opinion on anything.

6. The NRI

The fake accent, the pronunciation and the desi name have all gone for a toss. Sameer has become Sam, mahesh has become Max and Ronit has become Ron… you get the picture, right? He is of the opinion that he is too cool for us desi Indians, and that he’s just too hot!

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7. The ‘paise ki kami nahi hai’ guy

Dressed in high-end labels from top to bottom, this guy is out and about displaying the amount of money he has. He will arrive in lambi wali gaadi, will have the latest version of the most expensive phone and just the way he walks and talks will tell you all about him within 10 minutes, tops!

8. The gym freak

Bulging biceps, abs that are visible from under 3 layers of clothes and that weird walk - ladies and gentleman, meet the gym enthusiast. He will only drink water or demand for freshly squeezed juice. Samosas and chips and sweets will get the nastiest glares from this dude.

9. Mr. Right

But hey, who said that you will only meet cartoon characters at your rishta meetings. Who knows that on one such fateful day, you finally come across Mr. Right. The one who seems too good to be true, but actually is everything you’ve ever wanted!

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