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A Weekend Getaway With Your Fiancé... Here's Why It Is A Good Idea!

A Weekend Getaway With Your Fiancé... Here's Why It Is A Good Idea!

The weekend is a few more days away and your feet must be itchy. The temperatures are cooling down around the country and this is the perfect time to take that long awaited weekend trip. But this time don't do it with your friends, do it with your 'would be' instead. A trip with your ‘would be’ is a must before marriage. Love, in real life, doesn't happen like they show in the movies. You don't collide with your soulmate while road tripping in Switzerland, nor do they walk out of the ocean seductively ala Halle Berry or Daniel Craig. In India, your parents decide how you meet.

You're lucky, if you met your bae through a common friend, if not, still dare to take that trip with your fiance, and trust us, you will not regret it. Knowing your mate is important - their likes and dislikes, but most importantly, you need to know if they are tolerable 24/7. And a small weekend getaway is the perfect solution. Here's what you do on the trip.

1. Find common interests: the compatibility test!

You like the mountains but does he? The first step in choosing the location reveals the difference or similarity between you and your fiance. If both of you like the same place, great. If not, hmm...it will be interesting to see who wins the first round.

1 Trip with fiance

2. You get to know about their nature and how they react to situations

The next step is to know the person better. You know the basics, but a trip means first-hand knowledge of how they react to certain situations. You both might stray from the timelines and travel itineraries are bound to get messed up. Check out how your better half reacts to those - does he remain calm? Or does he throw a hissy fit?

3. You learn to adjust: Fine tuning

Opposites attract, but there's a reason for being opposites. Two people are never the same and that's where adjustments kick in. But exactly how much do you need to adjust? A trip would definitely help you figure that out.

3 Trip with fiance

4. You will learn about yourself

Not only the other person, a trip together will test your level of patience as well. It will teach you about your own quirks that you didn't think existed. Most importantly, the trip will show you if you're ready to share your life with another person.  

5. You will fight and it's okay!

Couples fight. Every couple in this world has to fight. And it's completely fine to have disagreements. However, in daily life, you can switch off your phone and sleep, but on a trip, you can't run from it. The person is right there, hence, see if the fight gets resolved early or turns ugly.   

5 Trip with fiance

6. Are you made for each other?

A trip will help you get more clarity on this question. At times, the answer is negative and you must thank your stars that you found it out before the big day. But it can also be that after the trip you realise that you wouldn't have found a better person.

7. Make memories and give your Insta account a boost

If things fall in place, this trip could be memorable. So always keep that DSLR handy because all these pictures will surely find a place in your Insta account. And you’ll cherish these memories for a long, long time.

7 Trip with fiance

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