8 Sure Shot Messages Your Crush Will Like You More For

8 Sure Shot Messages Your Crush Will Like You More For

How many times do we find ourselves lacking a concrete game plan when it comes to texting the person we like? Endless conversations with our girlfriends, surfing the internet to get our texting game right on… the things we do for love… or what feels a lot like it... But ladies, worry not. We’ve got you a list of tried and tested lines to send to your crush that are bound to work… in case they don’t, it’s probably for the better (seriously).  

1. “So, where are you taking me this weekend?”

Why this works? Skip the cliché of waiting for him to ask you out and make him do a little work and planning! Besides, this is a great way to explore his idea of fun.

2. “Did you catch the episode of Masterchef last night?

The perfect way to get talking about your interests and learning about his. Besides, you may end up making a Netflix and chill plan soon after and binge watch your favourite TV show together.

2 lines to send to your crush - binge watching

3. “My puppy seems to really miss you. He just won’t stop sniffing your handkerchief I borrowed!”

Now that’s just an adorable way to tell him that you miss him, too… And that you’ve got something that belongs to him!

4. “God I feel so exhausted right after the gym. Can’t wait to get home and take a nice, long shower.”

All it takes is a simple post-workout text and selfie to get his mind (and heart) racing. And why wouldn’t you want that?

5. “Tell me something I don’t know?”

Get him to tell you a secret or two and as you continue chatting, you’ll learn more about the side of him that he usually keeps under wraps. We can’t promise, but getting to know him better might just make you want him all the more.

5 lines to send to your crush - woman spying

6. “You know how to make me blush!”

This is a classic way to tell him that you’re interested and also pay him a compliment or two.

7. “I am going out for a couple of drinks with a few friends this evening. Join us if you’re free.

Our girl gang sure as heck won’t mind a dose of his cuteness. And his single friends could also give your besties company!

8. “Want to play a texting game?”

Get the conversation rolling with a texting game like 10 questions, truth or lies, or what’s your favourite … you’d be surprised where the course of this conversation might take you.

8 lines to send to your crush - katy perry magic

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