10 Things Every Serial Hugger Knows To Be True!

10 Things Every Serial Hugger Knows To Be True!

What’s not to love about showing a little bit (or a lot) of affection towards the people you love? Or even barely know? If hugs make up for a big part of your language of love, get ready to relate to this article so hard, you’d want to hug the shit out of it. Warning: this may make you very happy and you may need, or want a hug right after; don’t say we didn’t warn ya!

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1. You’re the kind of girl who believes in Good Vibes Only!

And sometimes, these vibes can only be passed on through hugs. Simple.

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2. You didn’t even realize you were a ‘hugger’ until you were made aware of it!

Let’s just say you were born in an affectionate family and have been like that from the very start!

3. You seriously doubt people who are averse to showing warmth.

No hugging? Really? You’re weird!

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4. You have a special place in your heart for the kind of people who always greet you with the warmest hugs!

Basically, they are totally your kind of people.

5. Sometimes the only therapy you need in life is a hug from someone you love.

You know this from personal experience.

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6. You firmly believe a hug is a great gift.

One size fits all, and it’s super easy to exchange.

7. You can hug a person and instantly know if something’s wrong.

Sometimes words are just not needed, right?

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8. You have most definitely hugged someone you met for the first time, at least once in your life.

We get it; it just felt right!

9. You believe that the Koala bear is your spirit animal.

Wait, they’re the ones that always hug, right?

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10. With so many things going wrong nowadays, you are pretty convinced that all the world needs is one giant group hug.

Hug it out people. Just hug it out!

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