9 Things Every Girl Who Loves Dancing Will Relate To

9 Things Every Girl Who Loves Dancing Will Relate To

If you’re anything like me, dancing is your soul’s way of expressing itself to the world and anyone who will listen, or watch. You quote the little Anjali from Kuch Kuch Hota Hai and constantly tell everyone “Mujhe singing aur dancing ka bohot shauk hai.” After all, like Nisha in Dil To Pagal Hai, you express yourself through your dance and it is what you identify the most with. No matter where you are, you are always known as the dancer friend and let’s be honest, you revel in that fact. So here are 9 things you’ll totally relate to if you love dancing a little more than what is regarded as healthy!

1. Multiple dance classes

You have attended so many dance classes when you were young, it’s not even funny. From Shiamak Davar’s Summer Funk to Jazz to Bharatanatyam, you’ve done it all. And, let’s be clear, you were the star in each of those classes.

2. It’s therapy, darling!

Dancing is just therapy for you. Sad? Dance. Happy? Dance. Angry? Dance. Need to vent and can’t? Well, dance. That’s that!

3. You know all the steps, ALWAYS!

You are the queen of remembering steps. As soon as any new song releases, the first thing you do is learn the signature step. Also, there is no song whose steps you do not remember, even if it’s all the way back to the 90s.

3 love dancing

4. You’re the designated choreographer

You are the in-house choreographer for all family functions - from weddings to anniversaries to a random party, you are the one they call. Even your friends run to you for ‘dance emergencies’.

5. Always the dancing centre of attraction

You’re mostly in the centre of the dance circle and whatever steps you do are copied by most of the people around you. You always end up getting the most amount of attention, or the spotlight, as you’d like to call it.

6. Dance party of one

You don’t need a dance partner to dance along with you. You don’t even need music sometimes. If you have a tune playing in your head, chances are, you’ve caught yourself unconsciously grooving to that, too.

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7. Who needs drinks?

Most people drink to dance but you, you can dance without any alcohol, as well. You’re always the first on the dance floor and people count on you to get the party started.

8. You’re the best baraati ever!

It’s time you got the ‘best baraati’ award. I mean, tell me one wedding you didn’t dance at till the absolute end. Even in killer heels, you can be found dancing to the beats of the dhol, like there is no tomorrow. However, the video of the same isn’t such a pretty sight.

9. Dance shows & movies are your thing!

From the Step Up movie series to ABCD (Any Body Can Dance) to Jhalak Dikhlaja, you’re obsessed with them all because, in the words of Mohini from Happy New Year, “Dance na, ek pooja hai. Dance ek art hai art.”

9 love dancing

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