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What Men Think We Do Vs What We Really Do - A Real Case Study

What Men Think We Do Vs What We Really Do - A Real Case Study

I am just going to put it out there. There are going to be a lot of things women do that men can't even begin to fathom. That is why men give us ladies way too much credit in the privacy of their own minds (and in their group chats), where they’ll be devising intricate scenarios of what we are really upto. For instance, men actually think we spend two hours doing our make-up but in reality, we apply mascara and lipstick in the car while going to work because we might have snoozed on that morning alarm far too many times. To avoid more confusion, I am officially debunking a few things men think we do but in real life it's the complete opposite.


What guys think: Women on their PMS are outright crazy and unpredictable. They are always throwing tantrums or beating the sh**t out of whoever they can get their hands on.

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What women actually do: While moody yes, all we want to do is eat a tub of ice-cream, snuggle into bed and binge watch our favorite shows.

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2. Dressing up for a date

What guys think: Women start by laying out all their clothes on the bed. Nothing is off the table. Even the sweater you wore in 10th grade. It's there sitting in all its glory. Also if a date is at 9:00 pm, women begin dressing up at sunrise.

What women actually do: Get their girlfriend or mom on the phone to complain and whine about how they have absolutely nothing to wear even when their wardrobe is overflowing with clothes; and consider bailing out, because of the same.

3. Sleep-overs

What guys think: Sleepovers are one time when boys really let their imagination run wild. They think we sit around in circles braiding each other's hair or painting our girlfriend’s nails. The sleepover ends with the most dreamy pillow fight (obviously).

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What women actually do: Put on a movie, get some beer or wine, order in pizza, bitch about life for a bit and sleep by midnight. Ideal sleepover date with your best friend, right?

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4. Waking up in the morning

What guys think: Women wake up with a flawless face, sleek straight hair with not even one strand out of place and obviously there is no such thing as morning breath.

What women actually do: Snooze and squeeze in innumerable 5-minute naps without having the perfect hair and btw, bad morning breath exists for women, too! We don't wake up smelling of strawberries and vanilla.

5. How women eat

What guys think: Women live on salads and soups. Forget eating foods like chicken wings or juicy burgers in public. Oh, and women are always on a diet.

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What women actually do: Gobble up a cheese burst pizza entirely on their own. Most importantly, they eat anything they want.

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6. What goes on in an all-girls office

What guys think: Gossip, gossip, and more gossip. No serious work- just killing time until a nice boy asks us to marry them.

What women actually do: Actually hustle and earn for themselves. Every day they are a step close to making their dreams a reality. Most importantly, what drives an all-women office? Close friendships and how women lift each other up instead of putting one another down.

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