7 Things To Keep In Mind Before You Drunk Text Your Ex

7 Things To Keep In Mind Before You Drunk Text Your Ex

Drunk texting your ex is probably the easiest thing to do! We’ve all done it… blame it on the alcohol, or just the free flowing emotions… it’s always going to be that little thing you do that you end up regretting! Tipsy and drunk at a party? Here are 7 things to know before drunk texting your ex.

1. Will it even be right?

If you both are over each other or even if you aren’t, but have made rules of no contact, will it be right for you to slip and text him first? Won’t it make you both really uncomfortable. And… what if he doesn’t reply?

1 drunk texting your ex

In case he doesn’t, here’s some chocolate (Rs 450) you can order for yourself and feel better!

2. Are you going to be an emotional wreck later?

Will you regret missing him? If yes, you should probably stop right away and re-assess if you really want to hit ‘send’! It’s a wise decision to just send the same text to someone else instead. Also, dealing with your emotional-drunk self is not going to be easy!

Here, buy yourself some tissues (Rs 163) for after the menace you’ll be and to clean up your makeup.

3. If it’s going to affect him?

You’re probably completely over him, dating someone else and casually sent him a tipsy text. But, what if it gives him hope of getting back together and adds to his emotional baggage. You wouldn’t want that. Would you?

3 drunk texting your ex

4. Will you tell your BFF to do this?

Swap positions! Will you ever let your best friend do this? If the answer is no, you probably know what to do. Stop right there. If you’re feeling too tempted, just give your phone to a friend instead.

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5. Are you both over each other?

If you both have completely moved on in your lives, met new people or at least forgotten about each other… only then it might not be too risky to text him. But even then, why go down that road when you’re drunk? Do it when you’re sober, maybe?

5 drunk texting your ex

Distract yourself and instead of texting him, just play a drinking game like this one (Rs 549) instead!

6. Why don’t you text a friend instead

That’s probably the sanest thing to do. Tell your bff what you’re feeling and how you have this urge to text him. She will take care of the rest!

7. Do you have feelings for him?

Or is it just a weak moment? If it’s just a weak moment, you probably should just let it pass and have another drink. Be merry and don’t worry so much about the past!

7 drunk texting your ex

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Hope these tips help!

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