Give Your Pout The Oomph It Needs With These Lip Strobing Tips! XOXO

Give Your Pout The Oomph It Needs With These Lip Strobing Tips! XOXO

If you’ve been religiously following Huda Kattan on Instagram, you would know how big lip strobing is today. What is it, you ask? Well ladies, just how you would highlight your cheekbones, décolleté and brow bone, the same technique would apply to your lips as well! The aim is to not only draw attention to your pout but to also give it a fuller appearance. Here’s how to nail this make-up trend like a pro!

Beauty Products You Need

1. Lipstick (Shade of your choice)

2. Lip liner (Shade of your choice)

3. Shimmer eyeshadow or highlighter

4. Cotton swabs

5. Lip gloss

Step 1: Start With Defining Your Lips

To create the illusion of a fuller lip, you should befriend the lip liner. It helps define uneven lips and creates the ideal lip shape. Choose a lip liner that a shade lighter than your lipstick. That way, it will make your lip colour pop.     

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Step 2: Fill In Your Lips With The Lip Colour

2 lip strobbing

When it comes to picking a lipstick for this beauty experiment, feel free to pick any shade of your choice. Keep in mind that the shade must be a tad bit lighter than your lip liner. Once you’ve applied your lipstick, you’re ready to move to the next step!

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Step 3: Apply A Shimmer Powder Over The Middle Part Of Your Lower Lip

For this step, you have a choice to pick between using a highlighter or an eyeshadow. Whichever you choose, make sure to apply a small amount of the product over the middle part of your lower lip.

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Step 4: Use A Cotton Swab To Blend

4 lip strobing

Using a cotton swab, gently blend the product in an outward direction towards the edges. Doing this will ensure that your lips get a three-dimensional finish.

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Step 5: Finish Up With A Lip Gloss

For finishing touches, use a lip gloss to fill in your lips. If gloss or shimmer isn’t your cup of tea, you could play around with a matte nude eyeshadow or apply a bit of concealer. Get creative, experiment and flaunt that pout with style! Good luck.

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