8 Things To ALWAYS Carry In Your Hand Luggage On A Flight

8 Things To ALWAYS Carry In Your Hand Luggage On A Flight

“How hard is it to pack a carry on bag for a plane journey?”, is what you’re probably thinking. But let me assure you, it can be a task if you’re not a very organized, Type A person, to begin with. I’ve personally known way too many people who think packing cabin luggage is a ‘last minute thing’ and shouldn’t be fussed with - until you’re late for the airport and you’re running around your house, scrambling for essentials and dumping everything you find in your bag! Regardless of whether that picture describes you to the last detail (psst! We can totally tell!), here’s a comprehensive guide to what you should be putting in your carry on while packing for your upcoming trip!

1. Money and travel documents

Yes, it may sound like a ‘duh’ moment right now, but it’s not uncommon to accidentally tuck away your ID and money in your wallet deep within your baggage that you intend to check-in. To make sure you don’t lose sight of the same, maybe place it apart from your items to pack, but in your immediate vicinity so that it catches your eye when you need it!

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2. Important medication

From your prescribed daily medication to specific ones you’re carrying for the trip (such as airsickness), ensure that medicines are always packed within your reach. For a heavy medication that you may need to take along, it’s best if you produce the prescription or a doctor’s note while checking in, to make sure you’re complying with the airline’s rules for carrying medical drugs onboard.

3. Essential toiletries

Particularly important if you’re taking a long flight, travel-sized commodities such as a toothbrush, mini-moisturisers, hand sanitisers, wet towels, and napkins should all be a priority in your carry on before you fly. Dry skin is a real struggle during travel, as you already know, ladies. Be prepared!

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4. Snacks!

Is any to-do list ever complete without the mention of food? Yes, a lot of airlines provide meals on the flight, but healthy snacks can be a life-saver through long hours at overlaying airports and battling hunger through announcements of delayed flights!

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5. Beauty sleep necessities

Whether you’re an ‘only-eye-masks-or-nothing’ kind of sleeper or your love for travel pillows transcends continents and oceans, your comfort should make an appearance in your cabin luggage, and help you overcome long flights and persistent jet lag like a total pro!

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6. Gadgets and gizmos

Phone chargers and power banks have the tendency to disappear on you when you need them the most. Unfortunately, unlike all those times at home, they won’t show up underneath your seat on the plane or beneath your pillow if you don’t take care to diligently pack them beforehand! The same goes for earphones and USB sticks!

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7. Entertainment!

From your favourite novels and crossword puzzles, to your curated travel playlist and favourite sitcom; give yourself enough time to plan how you’re going to spend the hours while you’re up in the air.

7 cabin luggage - reading nun airplane boy

8. A just-in-case sweatshirt

Most often than not, airplane cabins maintain a low temperature throughout the duration of the flight that definitely can’t be helpful if you’re someone who isn’t used to the chill! Carry a sweatshirt along, to be on the safe side, so that you don’t have to stay uncomfortably cold on your journey.

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Let us know what’s a priority for you when you pack your carry-ons!