9 Things That Are A Strict No-No When He Is Going Down On You!

9 Things That Are A Strict No-No When He Is Going Down On You!

Sex etiquette is as essential as etiquette of any other kind for general safety and comfort of all humankind. Sadly though, you wouldn’t find many people who’d teach you about it. So here we are telling you what no one else will. Here are 9 things to not do when he’s going down on you… No shame, girl... Here you go!

1. Don’t pull out his hair with all your might, girl

We know you’re getting excited but you don’t want to scare him off by actually pulling out a few strands, right? Right.

2. Don’t choke him between your legs

He’s got his head between your legs and even in that orgasmic moment where you forget everything else - don’t forget this. He needs air, light and space to function. Be careful not to trap him down under.  

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3. Um, don’t fart

Of course no one does it on purpose but we’re just putting it out there so that you’re extra mindful. And if it becomes inevitable, give him a heads-up at least.

3 going down on you  

4. Don’t hold his head down there too tight

The boy at work needs to keep coming up for air. But if you’re gonna cut off his supply by holding his head too tight, pushing it deeper inside - he may just quit, you know?

5. Don’t worry about getting all sweaty and wet down there

‘Coz it’s a human thing to sweat and get wet when aroused. Plus, the boy who’s ventured down there wants to make you all hot and sweaty... That’s his way of knowing that he’s doing his job well.   

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6. Don’t dig your nails into him just because you’re enjoying yourself a bit too much

He’d emerge from down under screaming in pain. And then, he’d get too busy licking his own wounds to spare his tongue for anything else. You wouldn’t like that, would you?

6 going down on you

7. Don’t make weird noises

In the dark, he’s only got your moans to direct him. If you’ll produce confusing sounds, he might just jumble up your pleasure with pain and stop to ask if he hurt you. And no one wants to kill priceless moments like these with interruption of any kind. Amirite?

8. Don’t forget to show your boobs some love

While he’s giving all his attention to your lady bits, you don’t let your boobs feel neglected. You know they are lying in wait to be shown some love. And if he’s too focused to multi-task, you put your hands to some good use. It’d make for a great view for him too.  

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9. Don’t be afraid of commanding him around

He needs your commands to know how well he’s doing. Shout out encouragements and help him get closer to the G-spot. Remember, great orgasms happen with great teamwork.

9 going down on you

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