9 Things We Want All Men Going Down On Women To Know

9 Things We Want All Men Going Down On Women To Know

There are so many things we wish we could tell men, but we all know that unsolicited advice is never welcome. Especially when it comes to sex. There are some things that you wish you could discuss with your partner but never get around to. Oral sex is one of them. Going down on a woman is so very different from going down on a man and let’s be honest, a lot more complicated. Here are 9 things we wish men knew about going down on us. Take our word: Bookmark and then send this to him to take notes!

1. It’s not a job

First things first, going down on a woman is not a task and the goal is not just about making her come. While the destination is as important as the journey, you need to enjoy the journey as well. So, have fun getting your woman off. Nothing about sex should be taken as a task.

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2. Don’t be a vacuum

You need to know that you aren’t a vacuum cleaner and you don’t need to latch onto a woman’s vagina like one. Doing that will do nothing for her orgasm. There are so many nooks and crannies down there with nerve endings that are more complex than a mathematical equation, that make treating a woman’s vagina like a muffin you need to fit into your mouth simply not done.

3. Our moans are your best friend

A good way to judge if you’re actually doing something to her or not is by the sounds she’s making. If you’re doing it right, her moaning, surely, will send tingles down your own genitals.

4. Remember, your tongue is not your penis

Please, for the love of all that’s good, do not treat your tongue like you would your dick. And while there’s a lot you can do with your tongue, alone; it does not replace the penis, whatsoever. Understand the functionality of the two and how and where they differ.  

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5. Just switch things up

Like in any other sexual act, there is a mix of things you need to get her going. Don’t just concentrate on the vagina, or the clitoris like that’s all that matters. Nibble on the inner thigh, or tease your woman a little. The wonders that’ll do to her orgasm will be worth the effort.

6. Appreciate your partner

Phrases like “you taste so good” and “you’re beautiful” are going to drive her crazy. A little appreciation never hurts anyone now, does it?  

7. Don’t abruptly end it

A woman’s orgasm is nothing like a man’s. It comes in waves instead of a sudden surge. So if you see that she is close to the edge, don’t just suddenly stop. Keep doing what you’re doing for a minute or two because it’s right towards the end that everything is intensified. So, you need to keep at it, my friend.

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8. It might take a while

Just know that it might take a while so stretch a little before you start. It’s not that women take longer than men to orgasm, just that sometimes it takes longer for us to get in the mood because of self-consciousness and other such factors. So patience is your wingman when you’re going down on her.

9. Ask for directions

If you’re still a little confused and all this theoretical knowledge is too much for you to take, then just man up and ask for directions. The woman who you’re going down on is the best judge of what works and what doesn’t and can give you the best feedback.

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