Dear Fiancé, Here Are 10 Things I Won't Change About Myself After Getting Married!

Dear Fiancé, Here Are 10 Things I Won't Change About Myself After Getting Married!

My love, I am so excited about the future and can’t wait to spend the rest of my days with you. But since we are bound together in a happily married life, I’ve got to be super honest here – there are some things I won’t change about myself even after we tie the knot. Before you freak out, read on...

1. I will not change how affectionate I am as a person

I’m told that wives have to behave appropriately but I’m sorry. I absolutely cannot promise that I won’t ambush you with hugs and kisses no matter where we are. So be prepared.

1things i wont change about myself

2. I will not change my childlike excitement

What is this growing up business? I can’t handle all this. I’m an extremely passionate person who gets excited about little things. I will drag you for movies I’m dying to watch, make elaborate date night plans, and will continue to make a big deal out of birthdays and anniversaries. That’s just how it is.

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3. I will not change my love for surprises

There cannot be a bigger hint for you regarding what makes me happy. I love random surprises. So feel free to buy me flowers or pamper me with an impromptu trip! Okay? Okay!

3 things i wont change about myself

4. I will not change my equation with the people who are important to me

My family and friends hold a huge, irreplaceable place in my heart and my life. And to be totally honest, I wouldn’t change it for the world. I can’t wait for you to get to know everyone and be an even bigger part of my world.

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5. I won’t change the way I look at you

I don’t know if you know this yet, but I’ve been told my eyes sparkle every time I look at you. I absolutely love the dimension you’ve added to my life and I promise to always cherish that. I promise to always look at you like maybe you are magic.

5 things i wont change about myself

6. I won’t change my commitment towards my work

I know that you are a progressive man and we have discussed how we both love what we do. I promise to stay as motivated and passionate about my work as you are and absolutely know we are both going to kill it in life!

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7. I will not hand over the TV remote

Come on, you know this about me! I am addicted to TV. And we all know this will come up at some point so let’s just discuss it now. You are going to have to compromise your TV privileges, because you are about to marry an addict. Okay, good that that’s out of the way.

7 things i wont change about myself

8. I will not change how I feel about game night!

I am super competitive and won’t change that about myself just because we are getting married. ‘game night’ means each man for himself. Oh, and I absolutely LOVE winning.

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9. I will not become diplomatic

You know I’m the kind of person who always keeps it real. Just because we are getting married, I will not suddenly become politically correct. That’s right. With me, you’ll always get 100% authentic and honest. Promise!

9 things i wont change about myself

10. I will not change the love I have in my heart for you

Okay, maybe this one isn’t all that true. Because the love I have for you only keeps growing. I guess that means that it’ll change, right?

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