11 Men Reveal The First Things They Noticed About Their Girlfriends!

11 Men Reveal The First Things They Noticed About Their Girlfriends!

For the longest possible time, we women have wondered what is it about us that attracts men. Is it our hair or eyes, the way we talk, or what? I have to admit, I have spent a lot of my time thinking about this question and, on various occasions, tried to answer it as if I were a man. But I’m not, obviously! So, I quizzed my male friends, boyfriends of friends and colleagues about the first thing they noticed about their girlfriends. Here are a few answers I received and they range from hilarious to super mushy! Are you ready for the big reveal?

Also, since I’ve been requested (repeatedly!) not to disclose their names, all answers are anonymous.

1. “The soft curls of her hair, her butt, her eyes - in that precise order!”

Umm… curls? Interesting choice!

2. “I saw her across the room at a party and she was dancing like she had no care in the world.”


3. “I really noticed her eyes and smile. But also that ass!”

Hahaha! Good one, ‘butt guy’!

3 noticed about their girlfriends

4. “The personality - she dazzled me the first time I talked to her.”

May I have your phone number please?

5. “I’d be lying if I did not say her figure. I’m not shallow, it’s just the first thing.”

Kind of shallow but full marks for honesty!

6. “She was looking into a book and smiling with her hair flying everywhere. There was something that clicked that very moment.”

This one is from a poet friend, so it has to be aww-dorable!

6 noticed about their girlfriends

7. “Her confidence. She was standing like she owned the world and had nothing to fear.”

Here’s proof that confidence is your best accessory, ladies!

8. “Her laugh! She had the heartiest laugh ever and it warmed me up from the inside.”

*Mentally judging my laughter right now!”

9. “She was waiting for me, scrolling on her phone, and as soon as she looked up, she had the most beautiful eyes I’d ever seen.”

If a guy ever said that about me, I’d keep him forever!

9 noticed about their girlfriends

10. “She was in her pyjamas, but the way she carried herself attracted me to her immediately.”

Again, confidence wins!

11. “Depending on how she’s standing, the butt or the boobs!”

No judgement because I end up judging guys by their height, too!

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