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Sunday Shorts: 3 Fiery Tales Of Women Lusting For Men!

Sunday Shorts: 3 Fiery Tales Of Women Lusting For Men!

1. Last Friday Night

I didn’t choose the single life, the single life chose me. But it had been a while and I needed to step out of my comfort zone. So setting aside my rule of not picking up men at the bar and met him one late friday night. He stood in the corner, a glass of whiskey in hand, no phone in sight. Thank god, guys stuck to their phones in a club usually have obsessive girlfriends. I went over and introduced myself (very unlike me, but I had some liquid courage to keep motivated), we got talking and he dropped the question.

“I’ve never seen you around” he said

“You come here often?” I replied

“Only when I have to, keeping tabs on it for my father. It isn’t my scene though, wanna get out?”

Something in my stomach flipped, could I? It was a crowded neighbourhood, he couldn't possibly harm me. Maybe it would do me some good and he said he owned the club….if we did have a happy ending, free drinks for life?

What started as a casual stroll, took a turn when he held me by the waist and pulled me into a dark corner. I could hear my heart thumping against my chest as he started kissing my neck, the smell of whiskey tainted his breath. His hand reached under my skirt and he cupped my ass, holding me close to him. “I can’t wait to take you home,” ...and he did.

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2. A Night To Remember

In the cab on our way home from a romantic candlelight dinner, he took me by surprise as he mischievously snuck his hands under my dress, his fingers sneaking their way into my panties, and making me stifle my moan. Smothering my voice, I playfully slapped his hand away, but let his hands caress my thigh, sending waves of pleasure down my body as we reached home.

Not waiting to switch on the lights, I made him follow my voice in the darkened halls, all the way to our bedroom. In the shadow of our dim night light, I slowly unbuttoned the shirt off his muscular torso, and watched him shiver with anticipation as my tongue made its way to his navel. Unable to control his arousal any longer, he pulled me into the bed and undressed me with feverish longing, kissing my collarbones and cupping the small of my back in his embrace. Hours later, we lay spent in each other’s arms, having experienced the sweatiest and dirtiest night of our lives.

I watched him now, deep in sleep, as the sheets hugged his firm butt and perched teasingly close to his crotch. Nibbling his earlobe, I leaned in and whispered “Good morning, handsome. Ready for round 2?”

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3. To Do Or Not To Do?

For far too long, I had been lusting for a colleague but hadn’t made a move because of just how inappropriate it was. Office romance, or sex, is forbidden and I was very well aware of it and always afraid to toe the line.

However, one office party, after a couple of drinks, I felt bold enough to approach him and talk to him. Little did I know that he had the same thing on his mind. A few suggestive comments later, we found ourselves in the parking lot, furiously stripping each other. Even after two rounds of passionate, all-consuming sex, I felt like I hadn’t had my fill of him. So we left for his place to continue the action. I must say, forbidden or not, office sex is most definitely hot!

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3 women lusting for men

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