Sunday Shorts: 3 Hot Tales Of Women Pleasuring Themselves

Sunday Shorts: 3 Hot Tales Of Women Pleasuring Themselves

1. Unwind And Relax

There are days when you just can’t take it anymore, the stress of your busy schedule is bound to get to you. Days like those, I like to unwind by myself, if you know what I mean? It’s a therapy session of sorts, taking time out to give ME the attention I deserve. So one late Friday night, I poured myself a glass of wine, played some John Mayer, turned on the fairy lights and even burned a candle or two to set the mood. Googled some sexy pictures of Ryan Gosling (I have a type) and slowly stripped myself. And as I peaked with my orgasm, pushing it towards the edge, again and again, I understood why they say your right hand is supposed to be your best friend.

01 sexy alone time

2. Erotic Revelations

There are very few things in life more pleasurable than preparing a warm bath and finding yourself loosening up in the soothing bath salts, while basking in the soft glow of the candles. The protagonist of my favourite erotica was fiercely making love to his beloved, and as I turned the pages of my novel with breathless anticipation, I found my fingers linger momentarily on my thigh, making me shudder with arousal. Tossing the book aside, I gave in to my senses, taking several minutes to hit just the right spots and moaning as I felt the pulsating throb of an orgasm making its way to the surface. I came with a moaning sigh, as I threw my head back with sheer joy and uninhibited waves of pleasure rocked my body. What a beautiful night it was!

2 sexy alone time

3. The First Time

I’d heard all my friends talk about it but I hadn’t used one myself so when my first vibrator arrived, I was pretty thrilled to use it. Why wouldn’t I be? Apparently, this was supposed to open new doorways of pleasure for me. I put on my favourite erotic video and switched on the vibrator. I slowly slipped it into my underpants and directed to my sweetest spot. The effect was instantaneous and I was moaning soon enough. As I made love to the vibrator, I was overcome by an orgasm like never before. It hit me in waves and soon I was on top of the world, floating with the stars. When I came back to my senses a few minutes later, I realised my legs were still shaking. Aah, who knew my new toy would be so magical!

3 sexy alone time

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