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Hot & Cool: Hair In Warm Shades Of The Sunset Is The Trendy Look This Winter!

Chhavi Porwal

Senior Trending Writer

Winter, is when most women think of getting darker locks but we’ve got a brighter option for you that’s trending on Instagram, right now!

While most of us shy away from striking shades and opt for classic browns and stretch it to burgundy if tempted by Katrina Kaif’s look in Fitoor, some carry prominent neon hair colours such as persimmon orange and canary yellow like it’s worth all the hype. But with winter taking over, we can all get behind sunset-shades-coloured-hair. This new hair colour trend, which looks like candy corn, features hues of yellow and orange.


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The look is warm and sweet, with a hint of punk. And there are enough already-available renditions of the look for you to pull it off. You can experiment using techniques like balayage, flamboyage or even colour-melting for your hair, in these colours. If the look is too bright to handle, you can go for the pastel version of it. It works well for all types of hair - short, long, straight and curly. And will pair perfectly against your greys and dark winter clothes and accessories. So, add up some light.

Scroll through, pick your style and colours. Then, book your appointment at the salon because we’re all up for some brightness and warmth this fall.



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Uneven Blend

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Tone it down


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Go Gaga


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Colour-melting much?


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It’s sunset, almost!


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Published on Nov 06, 2017
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