7 Subtle Yet Sexy Ways To Initiate Sex With Your Husband!

7 Subtle Yet Sexy Ways To Initiate Sex With Your Husband!

How often have you heard your girlfriends wonder if they were having ‘the normal’ amount of sex in their married life? Well, there’s no such thing as ‘normal’ or standard in this space. So if you want to have more sex, you have to figure out how to initiate it. Which can be a bit tricky if you’ve had an arranged marriage. In the first few months, when you’re still getting to know each other, you may not feel confident enough to go all out. So, to make your life easier, we have a list of 7 amazing and subtle ways to initiate sex with your partner. Trust us, it’ll lead to amazing things in bed!

1. Drop hints when no one’s watching

If you live with your in-laws, it becomes all the more challenging to flirt with your partner. But it’s not impossible! Drop hints and touch him in the right places when you think nobody’s watching. Play footsie with him underneath the dinner table or lightly brush past him while passing through. Try these ways and rest assured, he’ll go crazy even before you enter the bedroom. If you live alone with your hubby, then you can even plan a romantic date night at home and wear something elegant and slightly revealing, something your man cannot resist.

1 ways to initiate sex winking

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2. Stand or sit close to him when chilling with your whole family

Like we said, initiating sex when you live in a joint family can be challenging. So, when you are all sitting together after dinner and chatting, make sure you sit very close to your hubby dearest. Touch him gently without making it too obvious or just brush your legs against his. There, he got the hint!

3. Send him a flirty text or meme on WhatsApp

Your husband is at office, struggling with work, when he suddenly gets a WhatsApp alert and tadaa - it is a flirty text from you. Do you really think he will be able to get through the day without thinking about all the naughty things he wants to do to you? And, isn’t that exactly what you want?

3 ways to initiate sex kinky texts

4. Tease him

Tease your hubby by wearing a low cut top or blouse, or just wear sexy lingerie and throw on a robe. All this might sound cheesy, but trust us, it really works! Even with you not really making a move, seeing you wearing something so sexy will get him excited. You won’t have to do much after that!

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5. Snuggle close to him in bed and entangle your legs with his

What to do if you’re already in bed and suddenly feel like getting it on with the mister? Well, simple! Just entangle your legs with his, snuggle closer to him, maybe lightly brush your fingers against his body and rest assured, you will get some great action that night.

5 ways to initiate sex entangled legs

6. Give him a relaxing head and shoulder massage

Yes, after a really exhausting day at work, hubby dearest might not be in the mood for sex. But, you can flip the situation by working the magic of your hands (no, not THAT way silly!). Give him a relaxing massage with a nice aromatic oil and touch him in all the right places while you’re at it. Not only will his energy be restored, he’ll want to go all the way with you! .

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7. Smother him with soft kisses

When you are in the mood for sex but not really up for doing a lot of hard work, this is a trick that always works. Just start smothering your hubby with slow and soft kisses all over his face and neck and shoulders. He will not only love all the attention, but will also get the hint. Easy breezy!

7 ways to initiate sex slow kisses

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