10 Simple Style Tips For A Wardrobe Makeover!

10 Simple Style Tips For A Wardrobe Makeover!

Ladies, we have a few questions for you today! First, has it been long that you were excited to get dressed in the morning? Second, have all the clothes you own started to look the same? And finally, are you not able to tell a difference in your current insta posts than the ones you posted last year? If you have responded a resounding ‘YES!’ to all of the above, it is about time to shake things up a bit in the wardrobe department!

Contrary to popular belief, it is actually pretty simple to revamp your style, and we have a few tricks up our sleeves! Presenting, a list of foolproof style tips that will help you reinvent your looks that are stuck in a rut! Including hacks about clothes, accessories and organising, these steps are exactly what you need right now!

1. Start With A Wardrobe Sweep

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While shaking up your style, first thing on the agenda should be the wardrobe sweep. Throw away or donate anything that you haven't worn for over 6 months and only keep the essentials you know you will definitely wear! Make sure you have the staples like jeans, skirts, dresses and outerwear in different colours and styles.

For more information on how to clean out your wardrobe, check out Marie Kondo’s The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing for Rs 697. Buy it here

2. Play With Tones Of Your Ensemble

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Put a twist on the 2017 exclusive monochrome trend, trade the black and white with different colours with varied tones. Pick separates of the same colour in complementary shades to create a uniquely crafted look!

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3. Shake Up Your Bag Collection

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So you have that bag for work, the one for a vacation and the one that you carry around to just hold your wallet and keys. If you are a commitment phobic like us and do not wish to make major changes to your wardrobe, switch up your bag collection that goes with these outfits. You will instantly see a change in the appeal of your usual outfits!

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4. Add A New Style Of Jeans To Your Kitty

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A good pair of jeans is a wardrobe essential, it is one of those items of clothing that anchors different ensembles. Go to your closet and figure out what is the one style of jeans missing in there, be it boots cuts or straight legs, get a new type of jeans to shake things up a bit! Pro Tip: flared jeans are really hot this season!

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5. Let Accessories Take The Spotlight

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This one is for the lovers of that bling! Pair your comparatively basic outfits with dainty chic accessories, put them in the foreground to sway attention from your clothes. Hoop earrings, bracelet bags and mirrored sunglasses are some of the things you can opt for.

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6. Stop Shying Away From Colours!

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On a recent chat with one of India’s quirkiest designers, Masaba Gupta gave us her thoughts on the biggest trends of this season. Wear a lot of colours ladies, make sure to incorporate the tone-on-tone style and don't shy away from going for those bright colours.

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7. Cover Up But Tease Some Skin

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Winters are just around the corner and one way you can help turn the heat up with a slight change of scenery. Do remember to cover up but manage to tease some skin in your ensemble, adding a distinction to your usual winter outfits. Hint: ever heard of lampshading, ladies?

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8. Merge Genres Of Clothing

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One way you can make more out of your existing wardrobe is to mix different genres. Club your sporty separates with girly ones or go for a casual and glam ensemble, this way you won't have to burn a hole in your pocket buying new stuff! Take cue from Plixxo blogger Aashna Shroff and pair your fancy tops with ripped jeans for maximum effect!

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9. Try New Offbeat Trends

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2017 saw a bunch of offbeat trends catching up. Crocs platforms, bathrobe dresses, shoulder pads and much else. Why not try one of these offbeat trends to add spice to your look, at the very least it will be a good conversation starter. For starters, may we suggest Bella Hadid’s choice of sporting a fanny pack as a crossbody?

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10. Add This Season’s Red In There!

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Red was super hot this fall season, runways were laden with shades of crimson as far as the eyes could see! If there is a drought of the colour in your closet, it is about time you fixed it! From red clothing to adding little details like red bags or even phone cases, there are many ways to incorporate the colour into your wardrobe!

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