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7 Style Secrets You Can Steal From Women Around The World!

7 Style Secrets You Can Steal From Women Around The World!

Fashion, feminism and food are just a few of the crucial things that unite women all over the world. Women everywhere use fashion as means of self-expression, work towards betterment of the womankind and occasionally sneak in that extra donut (yes, we all do it!) There is always an unspoken understanding among women, no matter which part of the world we’re from, and there is always something we can learn from each other.

So it only makes sense to exchange some style tips, secrets their mothers have passed down. It is always fun to try new things and we have some style statement inspiration for you to try on, from the Parisian tonal picks to the Aussies sporting oversized clothes, scroll through to pick your fave!

1. The Italian Animal Prints

If you were under the impression that the women from this fashion capital always wear designer labels on the streets, then think again! In reality, the younger prefer high street brands. A constant trend on the Italian streets is animal print outerwear - makes us glad that winter is just around the corner!

Looking to sport some animal print this winter? Get the look with this Dorothy Perkins Animal Print Collarless Coat for Rs 3,245. Buy it here

2. French Women And One-Tone Dressing

Regardless of age, French women prefer to dress in one tone palettes. This, with sporadic dashes of colour in the form of accessories, is what creates the signature French-girl style. This tonal shift in your outfits can be adopted if understated sophistication is your thing.

Loving the tonal co-ords? Get the look with this ASOS Missguided Flare Sleeve Blazer & Tailored Trouser Co-Ord for Rs 5,130. Buy it here

3. Aussies Love Oversizing!


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There is a basic white tee in every woman's wardrobe, the Aussies will have it in a size bigger than the rest of us though! The oversized trend has swept the Australian off their feet, this being a nod to their fun and effortless approach towards fashion! Use this style to work your layers when the big chill comes knocking at your door!

Loving the feminine oversized button down? Get the look with this ESPRIT White Solid Shirt for Rs 2,399. Buy it here

4. The Japanese And Their Straight Silhouettes

If your mind immediately switched to a young woman dressed in bubbly anime outfit, then you are in for a surprise! Majority of the women in Japan prefer elegant outfits with endearing details that make them stand out. One pro tip we would love to take from them is the straight silhouetted workwear garbs which look oh-so-stylish!

Loving the solid pantsuit jacket? Get the look with this ASOS Check Trouser with Popper Detail for Rs 5,127. Buy it here

5. The English And Their Bright Accents


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What do you do when you live in the city where trends are born? The Brits love to create unconventional ensembles, one thing they do is that they add bright accents to seemingly sombre toned outfits. To create your own winter style using this, all you need will be a bright AF sweater or accessory to add that pop of colour!

Brighten up your winter outfits with this bright Miss Selfridge Petite Ruffle Sweater for Rs 2,135. Buy it here

6. The Chinese And Their Beautiful Jewellery

It is a rarity to catch a Chinese woman without jewellery. It holds a traditional importance and has been incorporated into the contemporary fashion of the country. From statement earrings to embellished headbands, they add bling to their outfit, regardless of its theme!

Accessorise your outfit with statement earrings from ‘Dooi by Suhani’, available for Rs 3,700. Buy it here

7. The Spanish Love For Leather

The country is a bit conservative when it comes to fashion, but the women have turned that around by having well put together outfits as their forte. One thing you should steal from them is the use of leather in their ensembles, trousers, bags, jackets and much more!

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Published on Nov 9, 2017
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