The *Surprising* Reason We’re Binge Watching ‘The Stage’

The *Surprising* Reason We’re Binge Watching ‘The Stage’

If you’re a music-lover you’d know that currently, India’s search for the next English singing sensation is underway on The Stage. Week after week, these contestants are bringing their A-game with impactful performances. While their pitch is on point, we couldn't help but notice how well styled the contestants are as well! We rounded up some of the top looks from last weekend’s episode that deserve a shout out.

1. Chochung Dema Thungon

The stage 1

We love the metallic pants and the black boots, but it’s that sexy top that makes Chochung’s style stand out.

2. Shaurya Singh

The stage 2

When a guy wears florals and carries it off like a complete boss - it is bound to catch our attention. Who knew pairing a black floral sweatshirt with burgundy chinos would make for such a fab look?

3. Zoe Siddharth

The Stage 3

Zoe’s look reiterates that red never fails a woman, especially when styled right. We love how she’s gone a step ahead and added another punch with the metallic sneakers!

4. Siddhant Sharma

The stage 4

Dhoti pants styled with a leather jacket has never looked this cool. We love how the sweater is adding a hint of colour to the entire outfit. 

5. Lekka Sahni

The Stage 5

Okay, we’ve got the memo - wearing flared pants instantly makes you look put together and classy. We like how her knotted shirt reveals just the right amount of skin. Pro tip: Always remember to wear heels with flared pants, it’ll make your legs look toned.

6. Nisa Shetty

The Stage 6

A white jumpsuit can go a long way. To style your jumpsuit, opt for hoop earrings along with bright coloured heels. Finish your look with a messy bun.

*This article is in collaboration with The Stage.