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7 Struggles You Will Relate To If You're An Adult Woman Living With Parents

7 Struggles You Will Relate To If You're An Adult Woman Living With Parents

While in the West, people tend to move out of their family homes as soon as they hit adulthood, in India that’s not often the case. We are indisputably more attached to our families and moving out doesn’t seem like such a great idea, but sometimes we stay put to save on rent (ahem) and keep enjoying the comfort of always having everything at our disposal.

But this situation comes with its own set of rules, restrictions, and struggles! You love your parents, no doubt; but you sometimes just can’t make do with their unrealistic expectations. But either way, you try and find a way to escape their radar and lead the life you want to. You’ve learned to at least try and derive a healthy balance, if not mastered it altogether. And if you’re like us, then these 7 struggles of living with your parents would seem a little too real to you!

1. You can’t stay till the party ends!

For some reason whether your parents impose a curfew or not, late nights are next to impossible. You’re always the one to leave the party early (hoping not to disappoint your parents) and your friends call you the Cinderella of their group. You are also constantly checking your phone; not because you’re busy Instagramming your LIT party but because you don’t want to find 102836484 Missed Calls from your MOM!!

1 struggles of living with your parents

2. You can’t wear what you want!

Well, you may want to wear your umpeenth Little Black Dress for a really special night out with friends but your mother will suggest that you to ‘cover up’ and juice out all or any sexiness out of it! The argument being Log kya kahenge?

3. You have to follow a routine

Because ‘Yeh ghar hai, dharamshala nahi!’. Every time you wake up late and have breakfast at noon, your mother will remind you that you need to stick to a routine, even on the weekends.

3 struggles of living with your parents

4. Can’t follow a diet, whatsoever

You’ve gained some weight after eating all that butter and sugar, so you decide you’re going to start dieting and you express this to your mother. Your mother will roll her eyes and ask you to avoid the ‘pastas and pizzas’ and the usual junk (chips, chocolates etc.) you keep munching at work. But the sweetheart she is, she’ll then make you a salad and ask you to go for a run!

5. Random plans are banned

When your friends message you in the middle of the night to get some ice cream. Umm… if you’re living with your parents, you just can’t say ‘Yes’ to a plan like this one spontaneously! Even if your parents don’t mind it. All your night outs, night stays and late nights (read dinners) are pre-planned and executed after UN-level discussions and debates with your parents.

5 struggles of living with your parents

6. Meeting relatives every once awhile

No matter how much you dread it, Sundays are reserved for the noisy family reunions where you have no option but to dodge inappropriate and personal questions from all your nosy aunties and career-related question from your uncles. When am I getting married? How about never Chadda aunty?!

7. The biggest one - You can’t get your boyfriend in

While we can absolutely deal with all of the above-mentioned struggles, the biggest and also the most annoying one is to not be able to bring your boyfriend home! Even if our parents are completely okay with them visiting. We function with a lot of self-inflicted guilt and a lot of us do try to sneak them in when our parents aren’t at home, but the struggle is real, ladies!

7 struggles of living with your parents

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Published on Nov 11, 2017
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