Spanx For Arms: Here's What Real Women Have to Say About It

Spanx For Arms: Here's What Real Women Have to Say About It

Spanx, love ‘em or hate ‘em, you can't ignore them! They are your undercover best friends, never in the limelight, quietly doing their job in the background. They never complain and always come through with their promises, not taking into account the accidental rips (boy are those a nightmare!) Yes, spanx are great and nowadays they are available in the market for every body part that might need nips and tucks - bodysuits, thigh tights, tummy tuckers and much else!

But there is one body part that we couldn't take for a diva needing Spanx, the arms! The recent launch of Spanx are called Arm Tights and well, you better see them for yourself!

The arm tights are being marketed and adopted by the fashion community in a number of ways, from layering it with winterwear or under sleeveless dresses to work.


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Our initial thought about the product was “Why though?”, we couldn't figure out what this meant for fashion and how women will take it so, we asked! Here are some of the comments we got for the ‘spanx for arms’...

1. On Becoming A Wardrobe Staple:

“Personally, I think, women finally have a way to wear sleeveless tops or dresses in all seasons. There’s no need to do a complete makeover of our wardrobe and search for those full sleeve shirts that we stored away in our suitcases! It could turn out to be an interesting trend!” - Shweta Sharma, Co-founder Ombré Lane

2. On Versatility:

“The concept of wearing arm tights makes me cringe a little. It also makes me feel restricted to wearing only full sleeve clothing. Plus, wearing them in Bombay’s humid weather and putting another layer of clothing on top of that would be super uncomfortable. I think I'll give this trend a miss.” - Sharon Alphonso, Beauty and Lifestyle Writer

3. On Relevance For Indian Women:

“As a working Indian woman, who doesn't have time to hit the gym, I for one, think that we should be excited about such a product. With the growth of social media, its relevance becoming evident in every field has in turn given rise to the importance of the way you look. So with a product like this, we can finally take a shortcut to overcome our flaws! With a well-balanced outfit in tow, imagine the boost in confidence it will give you to face the world!”- Radha Rao, General Manager (COE, QMS) Reliance Jio Infocomm Pvt. Ltd.

3. On Body Positivity:

“Women should be able to wear what they want to wear. They should have the confidence to accept their arms and their bodies. To me, it sounds regressive to own one of these things!”- Surbhi Sakargayen, Content Manager

4. On Styling:

I think this is an amazing styling tool. You can style them with dresses, tops anything. Plus, it's a gift for people who couldn't wear certain clothes because they have chubby arms since these Spanx arm tights are supposed to make your arms look slender and toned.” - Richa Singh, Buying and Merchandising

5. On The Brand’s Collection:

“Spanx arm tights came under my radar quite recently. They look pretty comfortable and stylish to me. I love how they have offered so many colour options, which make them more appealing. People can layer them in so many ways!” - Sejal Mehta, Retail Assortment Planner

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