45 Shocking Questions That Left Us Speechless

45 Shocking Questions That Left Us Speechless

From lame to funny to downright ridiculous, we scourged through the POPxo app to find some of the most shocking questions you asked us. And while nothing really surprises us anymore, these questions left us with our eyes about to pop out of our sockets. Needless to say, we had a field day reading through your most hilarious queries and hoped that you had a sense of humour equivalent to the size of popcorn boxes we dived into while reading!

Join in the fun and read through all of the funniest questions you asked that we never really knew how to answer, period!

1. Can we wash our hair during periods?

2. I found many time post here saying, “Hi I am a lesbian.” Anyone wanna chat? My question is that are they boys or really lesbians exist?

3. Does anyone have a  habit of eating slate pencils? From past two days I have been craving slate pencils.

4. Do boys get grossed out when they see a bit of hair near the butt hole? If so, can you suggest ways to remove it?

5. Hi guys , I sometimes sext on dating apps. I am a virgin. Will it affect my health or something? I got my periods 10 days prior to the expected date … is sexting harmful to health and cause changes in our body like hormonal changes or something?

6. How should I use make-up? I wear glasses.

7. If I am pregnant and have sex, does the baby get pregnant too?

8. Can I poison my mother-in-law if she is making my life hell?

9. How can I find myself a vampire like Twilight? Is it possible to become a vampire?

10. My boyfriend and I have never had sex. But now I am pregnant, what should I do?

11. How do mermaids have sex, do any of you know?

12. I have lice, will my boyfriend love me if I go bald?

13. I reversed my car on my boyfriend's dog last night. Do you think he'd notice if I got him stuffed?

14. Is it okay if you look at the picture of a sun, because we shouldn’t look directly at the sun?

15. When can I start farting in front of my new boyfriend, especially when I have smelly ones?

16. Can I use my period blood to make my boyfriend something special on his birthday? If yes, please suggest ideas?

17. If I gave this guy I like a love potion so he can be with me, would it be considered as fair? Because all is fair in love and war, na?

18. In an year usually how many times do people have sex?

19. Me and boyfriend got close last night. Like we hugged each other tightly. We had our clothes on and everything. Am I pregnant?

20. He recently confessed to cheating on me with 4 different girls. Any ideas for the perfect revenge?

21. My boss makes me get lunch for her every day. I don’t want to. What do I do?

22. I’ve a crush on my cousin. I always feel like touching him and being close to him. Is it weird?

23. I want to break up with my boyfriend but I have no reason to. What should I do?

24. I hate Deepika Padukone and hate all the buzz around her for Padmavati. What should I do?

25. Are marks of love bite permanent?

26. Which nail polish should I apply on my toenails?

27. Is it really shameful to have fat girlfriend?

28. People say ladies first then why mom eats at last?

29. Is there any way to understand a know if a man’s a virgin?

30. Every time I eat junk food in front of my mom, she calls me fat. I don’t know what to do!!

31. I’ve cheated on every boyfriend I have had - I don’t know what to do!

32. I had sex with this guy who already had a girlfriend. The sex was really good and now I want to break them up. Any ideas?

33. What makes a girl a slut?

34. I met this guy a few years ago at a family function, we really liked each other so we ended up fooling around, only to realise we are actually cousins. Now we really love each other and don’t want to be apart. How do we explain this to our families?

35. For some reason, I tend to like being watched when having sex. My boyfriend has a huge issue with that. But, that’s the only way I can climax. What do we do?

36. Hey friends. I'm 20 and I feel I'm short. Can I grow few more inches after attaining 20? If yes how can I grow?

37. Any home made solution for vagina makeup?

38. I used lip balm as a lubricant. Now I have a rash. What should I do?

39. How do I not make poop noises when I’m staying at my boyfriend’s place?

40. Why do we need ‘training’ bras? What do we need to train our boobs for?

41. Where can I find the drink like in The Hunger Games that makes you throw up your food and eat some more?

42. My pubic hair keep getting stuck in my pants, what do I do? I don’t want to get waxed!

43. My boyfriend has rough sex with me and I am scared I will not be able to pee properly now. Please help!

44. I have been friendzoned by a guy friend for many years but I want him to love me. How do I make him want me instantly?

45. If I eat KFC, chocolate sauce and pineapples and my boyfriend goes down on me after, will I taste like a mix of all those foods?