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Ms Braganza Likes Her Man Angry & Aggressive

Ms Braganza Likes Her Man Angry & Aggressive

My first orgasm in life taught me one thing - life is dreary without good sex. And that's the mantra I've lived by, even after marriage. Now, I don't mean to brag but when Mr. Braganza and I take it, we take it to town! After much thinking, I've decided it's best to share my bedroom adventures with you all. Because good sex and great stories are never a bad idea!

Do men really think understanding a woman is hard? Because I have a reality check for them, understanding them is downright impossible! Take Mr. B today, for example. I woke up in the morning to see him fuming over something that was wrong at work and then he went on to pick a fight with me just because I pointed out that he could have solved his problem another way. How hard is it to take suggestions? After I stormed out of the room angrily, he followed me, only to fight some more. But I have to confess something. As mad as I was, I was also a little turned on by the fact that he was shirtless and his shoulder blades looked like they needed some attention from my lips. So, if you have to blame anything, blame them. I moved across the room and proceeded to place my lips on his to keep him from talking. He was a little taken aback by the sudden display of aggressive affection but he soon matched my fervour, picking me up and proceeding towards the bedroom…

Watch out this space to find out what happens next!

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