8 Sex Slangs To Know Because You’re Probably ‘Doing It’ Anyway

8 Sex Slangs To Know Because You’re Probably ‘Doing It’ Anyway

Innovation is the one thing that makes the natural act of sex, all the more thrilling. It’s like the process of evolution got creative on overdrive. We’ve all been there. And more often than not, during the act - whether alone, or with a partner - one finds themselves doing things they would never have done earlier, or have no words for it. And while it’s all good that sex leaves you speechless, sometimes, in the most literal sense. But, there are certain terms, or slangs if you may, that really do up the ante when it comes to getting some; however that may be. Here’s a list of slangs that are typically sexual and describe various sexual acts that you’ve definitely been guilty of doing; however, you didn’t know the better words for them.

1. Dishonourable Discharge

To masturbate at home after having failed to find yourself a sex partner

Example: After the Tinder date went down hill, she was left with no option but to swing the dishonourable discharge way.

2. Masturwait

Waiting for porn video buffers while masturbating.

Example: Since the wifi was working intermittently, she had a long masturwait before she could get done and dressed to leave for work.

2 sex slangs what for it

3. Smash

To have casual sex

Example: She just got out of a long term relationship and is only in a mood to smash for a while.

4. Power balling

The act of a man swinging his balls during sex

Example: He was power-balling as he rammed right into me during that drunken sex session.

4 sex slangs - wow

5. Intercoarse

To have extremely rough sex

Example: Every time they have a fight, they make up by having some crazy intercoarse.

6. Keep the Change

A girl swallowing cum while performing oral sex

Example: So did she keep the change last night? She sure as hell did.

6 sex slangs - keep the change

7. Cushioning

When your bae uses your booty as a pillow

Example: While watching a game of soccer on TV, my boyfriend passed out while cushioning.

8. Funch

A quickie during lunch

Example: She’d been feeling so horny that morning that she decided to skip lunch and get some funch instead!

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