What Happened When He Wanted To Have Sex During My Period But I Didn't!

What Happened When He Wanted To Have Sex During My Period But I Didn't!

I met this guy through a friend and he was an absolute charmer. She set us up and off we went, like two little children without a care in the world. The only thing both of us were sure about was that we didn’t want to get into anything serious. We wanted to date each other but after going through a break-up recently, I wanted to date casually. So, we went out two times and the third date we found ourselves in his car, pulling each other closer and then later, in his room. There was just one tiny issue, I was on my period. It wasn’t one of my heavy days but I still wasn’t comfortable going all the way. Had that not been the case, I would have gone for it without hesitation. Which is what I told him when he tried to slip his hands in my pants. Mostly because I didn’t want him feeling bad about me stopping him midway. “Ah, I see. Well, I don’t mind period sex to be honest.” I laughed, “Well, I kind of do.” “Why is that? I mean, you’re a woman, right?” he replied.

“Well, yes. What has that got to do with anything?”

“It’s just odd that you find period sex disgusting when it is your blood.”

“I don’t find it disgusting, I just don’t want to do it right now. Why is this an issue?”

“It’s not. Just that it sounds very pseudo-feminist.”

I looked at his face, appalled. Did he just call me a pseudo-feminist? Just because I didn’t want to have period sex with him?

internal sex during my period

“The only being a pseudo-feminist here is you…” I retorted “...telling me you don’t mind period sex but not accepting my decision to not have sex with you tonight.”

This led to a short argument about what feminism really meant and I found myself face to face with a hypocrite. I finally decided I was going to call a cab and head to my friend’s place for the evening. Although that meant I was left with 10 awkward minutes with this man. There was an obvious tension in the room. As if the row we’d had wasn’t childish enough, he went on to plop himself on his bed, opened his laptop, put in his earphones and started watching a TV show!

I sat there, caught in between the urge to scream at him or just laugh at the situation. If it wasn’t so late in the night, I would have stepped out before my cabbie called. When I finally did get a call, I looked at him to say that I was leaving but he didn’t even look up so I finally stormed out and away. In all my date stories, this one is one of the most scarring yet funny.

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