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7 Reasons Why Working Out In The Morning Is The Best Feeling Ever!

7 Reasons Why Working Out In The Morning Is The Best Feeling Ever!

Working out regularly is something a lot of us struggle with, but once you get in the habit… it’s probably something you’d always want to keep up with. While a lot of you might be working out every day, you probably did not know that burning those calories in the morning is actually better than doing it at any other time of the day. Here are 7 reasons why you should workout in the morning as opposed to an evening run or an afternoon at the gym!

1. It gives you a goal to achieve

1 girl running workout in the morning

It’s the first thing you do after you’re up and about. And once you get dressed in your active wear, you automatically set a goal to achieve. Be it lifting some weights, running a set number of kilometres or even trying a new aasan in your yoga routine! It could be anything small or big but achieving this goal will motivate you for the rest of the day!

Get yourself a FitBit (Rs 9,499) to get started immediately and keep a track of your goals.

2. It kicks in your metabolism

A good workout makes you happy and increases your metabolism, leading to healthy digestion and a happy stomach all day long. It helps you digest your food better, as exercising will boost your endorphins. Which also means you can eat a yummy spread of breakfast!

You can totally indulge in your favourite bar of chocolate (Rs 240) too, after a morning workout because your body will burn it!

3. It keeps you active

3 metabolism workout in the morning

You might feel all drained and tired after your workout but the truth is, once you’ve rested and taken a shower… your mind and body become more active. It also becomes more capable of achieving bigger, better things.

This pair of Nike active training shoes (Rs 3,867) will make the whole workout much better!

4. It gives you more energy to train

When you hit the gym after a good night’s sleep. Your body is completely replenished, rejuvenated and fresh to take on any challenges. Be it lifting extra weights, running an extra mile or trying a new move… it is better to train in the morning when your energy levels are high and unspent than in the evenings.

5. It reduces stress to a great level

5 girl yoga workout in the morning

A good exercise needs focus and once you achieve success in your workout, it sets your day off on a positive note! It helps you make better decisions and stay calmer in stressful situations!

Get yourself that yoga mat (Rs 549 on Amazon) and meditate for a while every day to destress your body.

6. It improves your mood

We feel happy and satisfied when we achieve our goals and it’s the same situation when you workout in the morning. It’s the first thing you do and really, who doesn’t like burning calories, right? This acts as a chain reaction and keeps your mood upbeat and happy throughout the day!

And to feel inspired before you begin, get your hands on some sexy active wear (Rs 559) to feel good on the outside and inside!

7. It gives you the entire day for doing other things!

7 couple night workout in the morning

If you push your exercise routine for the evening, you’ll have to plan your day accordingly. You can’t be free to do other fun things (a date night, a movie night or even hanging out with friends!) that you can otherwise do. This is another reason why a good morning workout regime is really a great way to start your day!

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Published on Nov 5, 2017
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