No Pheras, No Nikah - This Hindu-Muslim Couple Celebrated Love Instead!

No Pheras, No Nikah - This Hindu-Muslim Couple Celebrated Love Instead!

Behind every wedding we witness, lies a beautiful story, a story that touches our hearts and leaves us with a smile on our face. Meet Garima Joshi and Junaid Shaikh, a couple who broke the norms and did something truly special on their wedding day. The Hindu-Muslim couple decided to let go off the pheras and the nikah and just celebrated the union of two different cultures. Captured by ShutterDown Photography, the wedding events were held at Heritage Village Resort & Spa, New Delhi. Read on to find out more about this beautiful wedding story that is beyond caste, culture or religion.

How they met

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“We met during graduation at Symbiosis Pune in 2006, although we weren't together then. He was my senior and that's how we were introduced. We were good friends all along, but it was not until I got back to Dubai that we started seeing each other very often.”

“It was funny because whatever I planned to do, he was always a step ahead. When I decided to go to Pune to study, he was there. When I got back to Dubai, I was interested to work with a media house and he was already working with one of the best media agencies. It felt like something was bringing us together again & again,” shares Garima.

A special wedding - in more ways than one!

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“Our wedding was basically a celebration of our love & both the families coming together. Indian weddings generally last a week but we shortened ours to 3 days. Thank god for that! Instead of the religious ceremonies, we did a brunch.”

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“This was basically done by converting the Nikah & the Pheras into the most fun & emotional event. Our families, siblings and best friends gave toasts, sang & even danced. It was very relaxed, laid back & beautiful,” shares the bride.

How they made it all possible…

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“Before the actual wedding, we wrapped up the legal paperwork and we didn’t hold any religious events at the venue. The only reason being was to keep away from complications. The last thing you want is a conflict of opinions, that too of two different religions. Hence, we decided to avoid any conflicts and just celebrate love and togetherness with our families & friends who have all been through the ups & down with us, to see this day through,” shares the couple.

Garima and Junaid's story proves that at the end of the day, all you need is love. The couple had their fair bit of struggle but they managed to stand through it all and are now happily married. Catch their beautiful journey and wedding story below.