12 Questions To Ask Him At The Rishta Meeting (Without Making It Sound Like An Interview!)

12 Questions To Ask Him At The Rishta Meeting (Without Making It Sound Like An Interview!)

Oooooh! ‘Rishta meeting’ - just the word makes the hair on our arms rise with excitement. Okay, fiiiine! You caught us. We are wedding obsessed (and how). We think it’s perfectly legit to think about such things beforehand. So here’s a ready made list of interesting questions you could ask him at your first meeting without it sounding like an interview!

1. “Are you fond of traveling?”

Yup, cool question that’ll also give you an insight into what your future life could be like!

2. “Let me ask you this – what profession did you think you’d be in when you were a little boy.”

Cute! And not too intrusive either!

2  first rishta meeting

3. “Do you live to eat or eat to live?”

Food is first bae so this one’s important!

4. “Are you a watch a movie ‘first day first show’ kind of person?”

Fair question to get to know his interests!

4  first rishta meeting

5. “Did you grow up on a staple diet of Karan Johar movies like I did?”

It’s only fair when you reveal stuff about yourself too – so that he doesn’t feel ambushed by your questions!

6. “Are you the person who will be found on the dance floor or a bar at a friend’s wedding?”

Fun question that might reveal a lot about him!

6  first rishta meeting

7. “What’s your favourite TV show right now – asking because I’m a TV junkie!”

Refer point 5 and also this is important information, guys!

8. “Do these formal settings make you uncomfortable too?!”

A nice way of getting him to relax and talk more about himself.

8  first rishta meeting

9. “On a scale of 1-10 how much do you love sleep?”

Cheeky question, but it’s icebreakers like these that’ll ease the rishta meeting!

10. “Would you try an adventure sport? If yes, which one?”

Ooooh – hopefully he’ll say yes! And the answer ought to be ‘getting married’. No less of an adventure sport we think. Besides, 100 points to him for wit if that’s his answer.

10  first rishta meeting

11. “Which is your favourite city in the world?”

Watch his eyes light up as he talks passionately about it.

12. “Who would you say knows you the best in this world?”

Nice one! Will get him to talk about his friends/family and will also help you know who’s important in his universe. Win-win situation!

12  first rishta meeting

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