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22 Questions You MUST Ask Before Booking Your Wedding Venue!

22 Questions You MUST Ask Before Booking Your Wedding Venue!

Planning your wedding can be quite painstaking, and the venue selection amongst it, is surely one of the toughest. You just can’t go wrong with your wedding venue, because if it does go awry, neither the lehenga nor your glittering smokey eyes can make up for it. To avoid any last minute hassles or disappointments, you gotta be quick and swoop in at the perfect moment. Here are few questions that you must ask before locking in on your wedding venue.

How much will it cost?

cost- wedding venue

1. Is there any other wedding clashing with your date? If yes, what are the next dates available?

2. How long before do you need to pay to be able to book the venue?

3. Is there any difference in the tariff for morning, evening and night?

4. Are there any charges for extra hours? If yes, how much?

5. What are the discounts available?

Mode of payment

6. How much deposit do you need to pay for booking?

7. Can you make the payment in installments?

8. Do they prefer cheque or cash? Cheque payments are more preferable since they avoid any element of fraud.

9. Will it include GST and service charges? Will there be additional costs?

10. In case of any last moment glitch, what’s the cancellation policy? What’s the percentage of amount refundable?

Vendor selection and approval

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11. Is the decor inclusive of the venue price or do different vendors need to be paid separately?

12. Is it mandatory to use the vendors approved by the venue?


13. How much space is allocated for parking? Will there be any extra parking charges?

14. Are there any permissions required from law enforcement authorities? Are there any restrictions?


15. What is the exact capacity of the venue?

16. Are the music equipment included in the venue charges? Can we provide for our own band?


catering-wedding venue

17. Does the venue have in-house catering? Is the food menu fixed or can it be customized?

18. Can outside catering be hired?

19. Can alcohol be served? Will there be any extra charges levied?

Point of contact and services

20. Is there an in-house wedding planner?

21. Can we bring in our own wedding planner?

22. Who will be the point of contact or the person incharge during the day of the occasion?

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Published on Nov 15, 2017
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