Now And Then: A Look-See Into Priyanka Chopra's Beauty Looks

Now And Then: A Look-See Into Priyanka Chopra's Beauty Looks

While Priyanka Chopra is a global icon and one of the most celebrated actresses in the world, her versatile features have also got us swooning from time to time. When you’ve been in the public eye for as long as Priyanka Chopra, your look is bound to change — and in her case, it was rather dramatic. Our #DesiGirl is fearless when it comes to her looks. Be it edgy braids, retro lips, or even coloured contacts, she's tried it all. Read on for proof of her daring beauty that we are huge fans of.

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1994: Take a moment to soak this in, because this will be the most make-up you’ll spot on Priyanka Chopra ever. She contested for Miss World with glossy nude lips and over-the-top smokey eyes.

Priyanka chopra 3

2004: Pencil thin eyebrows, a straight hairdo and pink lips became her trademark look from the time she played a badass in Aitraaz (a remake of Disclosure).

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2006: Still staying loyal to her sleek, straight hairdo, Priyanka's look in Don was just limited to a swipe of eyeliner and a touch of pink on her lips. #nomakeup

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2008: Lauded for her performance in Fashion, her unrealistic obsession with coloured contact lenses was noticed by all of us. She was still loyal to nude glosses and thin eyebrows. #whythough?

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2008: She bid farewell to her straight (and boring) hairdo, and surprised us with tousled waves. We were thrilled with the eye-pleasing change from our Desi Girl in Dostana! (Also the bod, YOU CAN'T MISS THE BOD!)

priyanka chopra 18

2010: Priyanka Chopra was clearly responsible for bringing the bob to Bollywood. We could totally felt the cool girl vibe from her character in Anjaana Anjaani.

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2015: As Kashibai in Bajirao Mastani, Priyanka Chopra (and her make-up artist) finally started playing with highlighter and brow pencils. Apart from chiselled cheeks and defined brows, we thought her wavy buns had that old Bollywood charm.

2015: Thanks to the change of location and a new stylist, Pee Cee's look truly evolved. Tousled waves, a touch of liner, light pink lips Priyanka aced the good girl vibe. (Those brows came through too!)

2016: This was the look we were talking about when we called her fearless. Only very few can carry off a coffee matte lip shade and Priyanka Chopra is certainly one of them.

February 2017: While her contouring skills are remarkable, we can't get over her dramatic eyes that created quite an impact. We love how fierce she looks!


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May 2017: Every once in awhile, Priyanka swaps her berry lip for the occasional bright red with orange undertones. Oh, and that winged eyeliner elevates this look too!


Yummy make up by @yumi_mori and fun ponytail by @lacyredway @bravowwhl ❤️💋

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May 2017: We guarantee smokey eyes have never looked this hot!


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June 2017: Making most of the berry trend, she upgraded this look with burgundy eyeshadow and tousled waves. This is one of her go-to, red carpet looks.


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November 2017: With smudged eyeliner and a messy bed head, PC schools us on what I-woke-up-like-this should look like.

November 2017: Thanks to Priyanka Chopra we now know that you can never go wrong with blonde highlights and structured curls!

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