Pre Wedding Jitters That Are Totally Normal... Don't You Worry!

Pre Wedding Jitters That Are Totally Normal... Don't You Worry!

This story was updated in February 2019.

Weddings are beautiful. But while making you happy on one hand it can also make you nervous, even if you have found the right man. Wedding jitters are a common theme for any bride-to-be. As the D-day heads near, there are constant jitters that a bride goes through till the wedding actually takes place. Taking a plunge for eternity is not at all easy. It needs courage, assurance or maybe just lots of love!

12 Pre Wedding Jitters Which You Might Have To Overcome

You might not have faced the pre wedding jitters yet but take a dekko at some of the most real jitters, we bet you will feel when the big day arrives.

1. Sharing a life - Awesome....NOT

Sharing is caring. Sounds good on paper but it ain't easy. You need to share everything. Like, literally! Everything including your wardrobe, your bed, your passwords, credit/debit cards, your food and of course, your washroom will be shared. Your mind keeps going back to all those random visits you made to his place and found everything disorganised. Now, you will be a part of his chaos.

1 pre-wedding jitters

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2. In-laws - Laws of 'Relative'-ty  

As if you haven't had enough of your own relatives, now you have to deal with relatives of his side of the family too! What’s more to be scared of? You might have to be extra courteous and polite to his relatives. Till now, you have seen them in their best form but what after marriage? What if they change and sneer at your shorts? Are you mature enough to handle your in-laws and other family members simultaneously? A question that will make you freeze.

3. Moving to a new place - no more comfort zones

It concerns a lot of people and especially the unsocial types. Will be able to adjust yourself to a new place and enjoy the change you have been introduced to? Or you will miss your family and keep calling your mom and updating her about your every move. You don’t really want to do that, isn’t it?

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4. Is he the one? - Well...

Biggest worry. You knew that he would be your husband and you liked the idea but now, you are in a never-ending dilemma -- did I make the right decision? What if he changes? Trust us, there will be things that will annoy you to the core at times and make you think your life would have been great without marriage. But, at the end of the day, if you love the person, it’ll all be good.

4 pre-wedding jitters

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5. Commitment Phobia - no more crushes, sigh!

You love him to bits but still have commitment issues? Do you want to run away right before your marriage because you can’t be with the same person for the next 40-50 years? This might be a serious concern, but trust us, once you walk down the aisle and let a few years pass, you will feel this was the best decision you ever made.

6. No personal space - privacy, please!

Does the thought of letting somebody enter your personal space gives you shivers? That too for the rest of your life? Your decisions will no longer be just your decisions and what about the freedom to be your crazy, weird self at home. Well, it takes time but you’ll soon find yourself being totally comfortable around him and you’ll actually want his opinion about things. After all, there must be something amazing about the man you decided to marry!

7. Kids - adorable or annoying?!

While some people adore kids, some find them annoying. Thus begins a constant battle for family planning. At times, you might not be ready, at other times he may not be. Basically, you’ll both never be really ready for it. But what if you face the pressure of becoming a mother? Now that’s some major jitters right there!

7 pre-wedding jitters

8. Let’s talk about sex

Will the sex be as good as it was before marriage? Or will the spark fade away after a few years? Will he still be interested as much? What if I goof up? People say sex doesn’t matter, love does. Let’s be honest, sex is important, massively, and plays a major role in binding a relationship together. So, just be served love, naah, not happening.

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9. The wedding day - who will eff up?


You got the best lehenga for yourself. You have booked the best celebrity makeup artist available in town. You have hired the best caterers with the best food menu possible. The best décor, the best flowers, everything. Still, you know someone or something will eff up - a small tear in the lehenga or the food a tad too spicy. Worst, if your make-up goes wrong, what happens to the profile shots?

10. Too many customs on wedding day

Indian wedding have a number of customs and pre wedding functions which can be a party for some but for some it can be totally exhausting. Every bride feels this at some point of time. Being polite during all the customs and getting through it is not as simple as it seems to be.

11. The anxiety of looking your best

You have dreamt of looking the most beautiful on your wedding since you were a small child. Now, every single decision relating to your dress or your makeup is going to make you nervous to get that perfect look.

12. Will your relationship with your partner be the same?

Every girl wonders about her future and then picture herself with her partner in some romantic and beautiful moments. But sometimes anxiety makes those pictures full of arguments and doubts. Will you two make it work out or not?

You laughed while reading but we all have or will feel all of the above. Trust us on that!

In the end just remember one thing. All these jitters are temporary and are just a result of overthinking. Believe in yourself and your partner, that is all you need at this point of time.