How To Have Great Period Sex For Pleasure & Health

How To Have Great Period Sex For Pleasure & Health

By a show of nods as you read this (and maybe if you want, comment), how many of you have ever had sex while on your period? I have. And it feels good. If you thought chocolate and soul food helps calm those cramps; think again because nothing works like a good fuck during your period. It’s one of the most carnal pleasures that you could indulge in, provided, both of you want it just as much.

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But, aside from the pleasure-points, here’s a gist of why period sex is actually good for your health.

It Eases Out The Cramps - Your orgasm; courtesy of his penis, is massage therapy for menstrual cramps.

It Regulates Blood Flow - While menstruating, the flow of blood isn’t always regulated - sometimes, it’s straight out of a scene from Stephen King’s Carrie; other times, it’s like the cut you got on your thumb that you made too big a deal about.

It Regulates Your Period - Every time you reach climax, your uterus contracts. These contractions are said to help remove the blood from your system faster than it would without the sex. Hence, reducing any prolonged period cycle from a prolonged one week, to a good 3 to 5 days, in most cases (This could vary from woman to woman, depending on the duration of an average cycle). 

You Don’t Need Lube - You’re perpetually horny while PMS-ing; and your vagina is wetter than the forests in Arizona! You’re never going to have better sex, my friend. In fact, you even climax faster and better. Try it sometime.  

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So, How Do You Overcome The Grossness Of Menstrual Sex?

Period sex is not for the fainthearted. He has to be a real man to want to do you when you’re dirty, smelly and bleeding from the pussy. So, if you do find such a man, hold on to him, please! There aren’t many. Choose a partner who is confident, not squeamish and wants to have sex with you; irrelevant of what day of the month it is. This means he would either have to be your significant other who is completely crazy about you; and he would have to know his way around.

Be comfortable about this, yourself. If you’re nervous, or anxious about how you smell down there, then you need to come to terms with this.

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Understand that period sex is actually not as gross and messy as you imagine it would be. It’s not going to like Stephen King’s Carrie episode, I promise you. But, also understand that, well, there is going to be a little blood on his dick. As long as you don’t freak out.

Go take a nice long shower if you need. Wear your most comfortable night robe, or lingerie; whatever makes you feel more sexy and confident in your own skin. Men love that more than anything.

And if you’re still a little weary of it getting too messy, spread out an old counterpain, or a towel over the bedsheets so you don’t have to worry about stains (trust me, there won’t be much).

While foreplay is always a prerequisite to great sex; it is especially important to have heavenly sex on your period. Let him have his way with you the way he wants. Tell him what you would, additionally, want him to do. Ask him to throw in a little massage here and there; particularly around your shoulders, neck and back. Nothing turns you on like a good massage during your period. The fact that he gets to rub his hands over every part of your body without actually doing anything else, secretly drives him crazy. Plus, it’s a great way to get you anticipated; wanting more and more.

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I once had a guy who loved fingering me while I was on my period. The fact that he did it so willingly, almost like he craved it, turned me on all the more while he did it. Needless to say, it felt so good as he massaged all the little nerve endings in my vagina. Getting a good finger fuck while on your period is one of the most underrated and rarer experiences that you need to try to know how good it feels. It was like a constant massage at the very spot that throbbed.

Remember, it’s the build up that’s important. Prolong the kissing; let your lips linger a little longer; bite down a little harder; and let your tongue wander a little deeper in each other’s mouths. Talk; communicate; use your hands.

Let him tease and tantalise your senses; squeeze your butt which feels just as good - if not better - on your period.

Let him trail his fingers along the pelvic and your inner thighs, enough to make your sense tingle. Let him use his mouth everywhere but, there (and if he wants to go there, just let him)! Again, not every man will go down on a girl who is menstruating. In case you’re wondering, it’s animalistic; but it feels so damn good! It’s like eating the forbidden truth; only this time, it’s Adam and not Eve! If you, or he ever had any vampire fetishes; now is the time to indulge.

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When the two of you are ready, let him enter you, slowly. He could be on top of you; this feels especially good while you’re menstruating. It’s the one time you want him to do all the work and knowing that it makes you feel so good will make him want to man up to the task. Plus, it’s one of the most intimate sex positions any which ways; automatically allowing the two of you to bond on two tangents - period sex (you simply don’t just do it with anyone) and missionary sex.

Work together; let him control the pace and girth as you tell him what feels good, better and best. Another reason why missionary works best for period sex; he gets to see how he makes you feel just by the expression on your face and the way your body responds to his.

Build on intimacy.

Chances are he doesn’t have period sex with just about any girl either. Let your body, hands and actions in bed thank and appreciate him for just being with you in that moment; making you feel the way that you do.

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We’re a lot more sensitive to absolutely anything, on our period.

Even a slight touch in the right place can make you want to sigh with desperate desire. Your skin and every nerve and muscle in your body is hypersensitive during menstruation. This means, even if he’s doing the bare minimum, you’re going to feel like you’re having sex with a Greek God who knows his way around every part of your body - inside and out. Chances are you’re going to cum faster than you normally do, for the very same hypersensitivity. Chances are, so will he; given that you’re all wet and moist inside and you don’t require lube.

Plus, there’s something about having period sex with a woman that drives a few good men crazy. You might cum together. And it’s going to feel so bloody good, pun intended. Don’t be surprised if he wants to do it again. Don’t be surprised if you do, too. 

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