7 Blogger-Approved Poses To Ace Your Next Insta Post!

7 Blogger-Approved Poses To Ace Your Next Insta Post!

You have the clothes, shoes and accessories, but you’re racking your brain as to how to show it off! ‘Outfit of the day’ posts can be tricky when you have to pick the perfect pose to show off the different elements of your ensemble. But fret not, we have some exciting new ideas for you to take inspiration from for your next Instagram post. These OOTD poses by our favourite Plixxo bloggers are the stuff of style and class, with each channelling a different aspect of their individual personalities.

From a ‘devil may care’ laid-back pose to well-directed pictures with unconventional camera angles, we have some fresh ideas for you to try! Take your pick and don't forget to tag us (POPxo Fashion) in your next awesome Instagram post!

1. The Laid Back Ordeal


A post shared by Kritika Khurana (@thatbohogirl) on

This pose will be a good fit for your unconventional outfits that give out the elusive ‘bad girl’ vibes! Resident rocker chic Kritika Khurana decided to skip the pants and showcase the statement boots and clutch over a casual lin t-shirt, the look and pose being relaxed and effortlessly cool!

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2. The Close Shot Femme

If you wish to show off your new LBD, opt for a pose wherein a close shot is focused on the dress and accessories. Aashna’s use of looking out of the frame and a soft lean is uber feminine and graceful. Make sure to have your angles right, look comfortable in the pose and are leaning against a pretty background!

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3. The ‘Caught In The Act’ pose


A post shared by Riya Jain (@caughtinacuff) on

As far as amusing poses go, this one is downright delightful! Act like you were ‘about to…’ do something, like crossing the street or taking a drink, feign ignorance to the cameraman and there, you have your adorable OOTD post!

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4. The Novel Sitting Down Pose


A post shared by Juhi Godambe (@juhigodambe) on

Traditionally sitting down poses are avoided because it is difficult to show off the flattering silhouette of your outfit. But if you are in garbs similar to cool girl Juhi Godambe, then definitely rest that fine behind and pose away, but make sure you have your swag on for this one!

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5. Offbeat Focus Points

Another way to break the rut of posing is to opt for alternative camera focus points. Take cue from Shivani Patil on how to expertly showcase all the elements of your wardrobe with the camera placed above! It's serene and peaceful, a pose which complements her poised white and grey outfit.

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6. The One With The Bestie

What’s the point of having a bestie if she can't step in to up your Insta game? Get your equally fashionable BFF to pose with you on this one, postures mirroring each other to look aesthetically pleasing. Make it fun and upbeat and we guarantee your followers will love it!

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7. The Long Shot Camouflage

When it comes to outfits with flared silhouettes, it's a good idea to pose in a long shot to balance out the sizeable details of your outfit. We love how Plixxo Influencer Pallavi has camouflaged her OOTD with the charming surroundings! Make sure you spread out your arms to properly display the pretty flares!

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