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#NotShaadiMaterial And Proud: Why You Just Don’t Need To Give A Damn!

#NotShaadiMaterial And Proud: Why You Just Don’t Need To Give A Damn!

I am a 20 something girl. I am a storyteller with a busy profession. I am friendly with people- be it a guy or a girl and I love travelling the world on my own. I am opinionated, I’m independent and I take my own decisions. I find myself growing everyday as an individual but unfortunately, I am told by many that I’m #NotShaadiMaterial.

As a girl of ‘marriageable age’ in India, we’re often bombarded with unsolicited advice on how to be a perfect marriage material. From time to time we are reminded that we need to learn to cook well to feed our hardworking husbands, talk softly so as not to upset their male ego, sacrifice our professional dreams because ‘ghar toh aadmi se hi chalta hai’ and what not. In simple words, we are supposed to be ‘sunder, susheel and sanskaari’ if we want to be accepted and loved by our Mr Right and his mummy ji.

In the light of the above predicament, the hashtag - #NotShaadiMaterial has been garnering a lot of support on social media. A lot of celebrities have joined the campaign and are boldly expressing their opinions. Here are some of them:

1 not shaadi material

Image Source: Richa Chadha on Twitter

Even our Plixxo Super Blogger Nilu Yuleena Thapa joined the campaign and posted:

fi notshaadimaterial

Image Source: Nilu Yuleena Thapa on Twitter

Plixxo Blogger Natasha Luthra also extended her support and posted:

A post shared by Natasha Luthra (@natontherocks) on

Ladies, we're still stuck in a society where women are expected to dress a certain way and behave in a certain manner. It’s a tough road for us however, it’s now time to break the cliches and let the world know who you are. Speak up, choose your own path and don’t be afraid to do your thing and be your true self. Your diverse way of living won't make you any less eligible for marriage. It’s your life, live it your way.

Do share with us what makes you #NotShaadiMaterial!!

Published on Nov 14, 2017
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