Beach, Bae & Bombay: This Beautiful Wedding Will Give You All The FEELS!

Beach, Bae & Bombay: This Beautiful Wedding Will Give You All The FEELS!

Doctors lead a hectic life and we’ve often heard how it’s best to marry a fellow Doctor who understands your work commitments and schedules. But for Nami and Eham, it was more than just a planned decision. They met, they fell in love and dated for almost a decade before tying the knot. For them, love is cardiovascular, literally! Whatknot Photography shot their wedding at Novotel, Juhu, and it’s full of adorable little details that you’ve got to see.

But first, here’s their love story, from the doc herself…

 Nami Eham wedding

“Eham and I are both from the medical profession. I am a Neuro Physiotherapist, and Eham is a general surgeon in Mumbai. We met in junior college, in the monsoon of 2014. Eham was hard to miss (something about his Harry Potter looks with the glasses) but we hardly interacted in the first few weeks. However, when we realised we were both keen on pursuing medicine, we got talking. I even tried to set him up with a friend. And it was then that I realised he meant more to me than just a friend. With our studies taking over, our interactions were limited. But as soon as we got done, there came a phase of endless conversation, late night calls, and coffees. Six months later, at Bandstand one evening, Eham asked, 'So what about us?' in the most casual way possible. And that's how we started dating almost a decade ago.”

Few moments from the wedding that we absolutely LOVED!

1. They sealed it with a kiss.

1 Nami - Eham Wedding

2. While we have been seeking inspiration for wedding photobooths, this one surely goes on our list of faves.

2 Nami - Eham Wedding

3. This signboard with the most adorable quote!

3 Nami - Eham Wedding

4. Dear hubby, will you too look at me the same way on our wedding day?

4-4 Nami - Eham Wedding

5. A typewriter for the guests to type out their wishes to the newlyweds. #VintageVibes!

5 Nami - Eham Wedding

6. Welcoming the guests just got a lot more cuter!

7 Nami - Eham Wedding

7. Wooden direction boards are perfect to add a rustic charm to your beach wedding!

8 Nami - Eham Wedding

8. That beautiful moment when they held hands and promised to be together for a lifetime.

10 Nami - Eham Wedding