#MyStory: I Met My Boyfriend After The Worst Night Of My Life!

#MyStory: I Met My Boyfriend After The Worst Night Of My Life!

Life has a weird habit of throwing curveballs at you when you least expect them. But there have to be dark days to realize the value of things that truly matter and curveballs to get rid of the bad and welcome the new.

Karan and I had been introduced through common friends. He was the best friend of a friend, Aman and we had been hanging together for a while. Even when we didn’t know each other, I thought he was extremely cute and had a crush on him. After talking to him, my crush on him just intensified. He was everything I was looking for and more. But there was only one issue, I did not know what he felt and I was too chicken to confess mine.

We were partying together one weekend with a bunch of friends and subtly flirting. I was having a ball. But at 11.30 PM I had to leave to wish a friend, Arjun, who was celebrating his birthday in a club next door. I was supposed to make a quick appearance and leave but things rarely work like planned.

When I reached the party, I saw that there were a bunch of people drunk out of their minds. My friend came over to me and gathered me in a bear hug. I could smell the alcohol on him and his hug made me extremely uncomfortable. He took my hand and introduced me to a bunch of his friends I’d never met. As I was talking, I felt his hand slide down my back to my bum. I was extremely uncomfortable and moved away but I just couldn't escape his touch. When I tried to move his hand, he pulled me close and kissed me, very roughly, in front of a bunch of strangers. I was shocked and frozen to my spot. My mind could not process what was happening to me. After a few seconds, I gathered my wits and pushed him away with all my might and ran from there back to the safety of my friends.

As soon as I saw my friends, I started crying. Karan was the first one to spot me, considering he’s over 6 feet, and walked through the crowd to me as soon as he figured out that I was crying. He gave me a few seconds to compose myself before he asked me what was wrong. By this time everyone had walked over to us and I proceeded to tell them what had just happened at the other party. All my friends were really offended and Karan, particularly, was so angry that he convinced all others to go and beat the person who had made me cry.

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Somehow, after a lot of convincing, we were able to calm him down and convince him to let me handle the situation once Arjun was sober and in his senses. After a few minutes, I asked Aman to drop me home because I did not feel like staying in the party anymore. Karan offered to take me back instead and I was secretly glad that he did.

In the car, I was still very upset and obviously quiet, and he held my hand to comfort me and said “I’m kind of mad at you for not letting me beat up that piece of shit.” “It’s fine, it doesn’t really matter and I’ll handle it” I replied trying to calm him down.

“How can you say it doesn’t really matter? It’s a huge deal! You should be making a big deal out of it and I will too. I’m not going to sit around and let anyone put their hands on any girl, especially the one I’m in love with.” He was so angry when he said it that he did not even realize he’d confessed his feelings.

“You love me?” I said in between sobs. “Yes I do and I’m sorry that I said something so huge at a time like this. I’m sorry if I made you cry.” he whispered.

All I could do at his confession was hug him and hold him close. I’d been craving his warmth since the incident but since I was unsure of his feelings, I couldn’t be inappropriate and ask for it. But now that I knew, it was a different situation.

“I love you too. Have since so long. But I’m so mad that it took this incident for us to confess our feelings” I said with my head on his chest.

Even though I couldn’t forget what happened and Arjun got what he deserved, both from me and from karma, the otherwise dark day had a silver lining. We’ve been dating for six months now. I do not know what the future holds but I hope for the best.

*Names changed to protect privacy.

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