#MyStory: I Hooked Up With My Roommate’s Brother!

#MyStory: I Hooked Up With My Roommate’s Brother!

It was a hot afternoon in Mumbai like most afternoons are in October, when Vishu walked into the house. Vishu was how I knew him. The baby brother of my roommate who had once run away from home with a small backpack and jim-jam biscuits! And somehow, that’s what I had expected to see, a young boy with a backpack, munching on jim-jams. But the scene that played out in real life was completely different.

Now you might feel like I am exaggerating but watching him stand in the doorframe to my room, waving at me, I felt like all the wind had been knocked out of my body. Who was this Greek God and what was he doing in my house? I was so preoccupied with this dilemma that it took me a few minutes to realize he was asking me something.

“Is Akanksha home? Your main door was unlocked so I just walked in. I am her brother!”

My brain asked me to respond but my heart was quite busy beating faster than ever before. So I guess I was glad that Akanksha came back at that moment. She hugged Vishu screaming in ecstatic tones. “Hey, this is Vishu!” That brought me back to reality. Right, the jim-jam kid and I shook hands. Me trying my best to ignore the electric feeling that raced up my arm.

But, alas, the reality only lasted for so long. Seeing Vishu in my house was torture. I knew he was my friend’s brother and this was definitely not a good idea; but this other, more persistent part of me also knew that life is now or never. Truth be told, I just wanted to kiss those beautiful lips. Three days later, there were just the two of us at home. Akanksha had gone to her class, so I decided to skip mine. He wanted to watch a movie, so we decided to first do that and later I was to take him around to see Bandra’s nightlife. So we sat down on the floor with the laptop in between us and got started.

Internal hooked up

I’d like to say the movie was nice but I have no clue what it was about. I could feel Vishu’s warmth on my left arm and I couldn’t focus on anything else. But, of course, I didn’t do anything. Until, finally when the movie ended and I bent forward to pause the screen. For some reason, I could feel his gaze on me and when I turned back, sure enough, he was looking at me. “How weird would it be…” he said, “...if I told you I didn’t expect you to be so pretty?” I laughed, then paused, unsure of how to handle the situation, then I brazenly replied: “It would be as weird as me telling you I didn’t expect you to be so cute!” I am pretty sure we talked about a few other things after that but I have no idea what they were. All I remember is when his hands wrapped around my waist, my lips moved swiftly over his. Then my palm tree shorts were lying on the floor along with his polo t-shirt and I was on top of him, moving with a precision I didn’t even know I had.

“What are we going to do about your sister?” I asked later and he shrugged. I guess he didn’t know better either. It might sound weird now but we never told my roommate. It continued like that while he was in town and slowly came to a rest after he left. I moved out of that house six months later back to Delhi and that was that. Though we are still in touch and make elaborate plans to see each other, I don’t know if that will ever happen. Nevertheless, we still have our dirty little secret to keep.

*Names changed to protect privacy.

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