7 Mistakes To Avoid While Applying For A Job

7 Mistakes To Avoid While Applying For A Job

I often find myself overthinking my job application even more than I do all the texts I send to and receive from my ex. To a level I think I can perfect a relationship but a job application? It can be next to impossible! However, you could always try fixing a few common mistakes companies are tired of dealing with. The best you can do, after all, is make yourself stand out from the ever growing pile of scanned copies; they don’t need any more sheep.

1. Meet The Criteria

Be picky, don’t go swiping right on every job opening you come across. It isn’t usually a successful method. Make sure you meet the criteria the company is looking for, from the work experience to the qualifications. This also helps you know what you are being judged on. For example, if you are applying to a media house, your experience with numbers doesn’t need to be a priority but your blog definitely does. Put the more useful experience on top.

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2. Follow Directions

If the company needs you to fill a 12 page form, you fill the 12 page form. Don’t think you can get away with just attaching your resume or sending an email. They are the people about to offer you a job so being cooperative might be a good start!

3. Don’t Address The Letter With ‘Dear Sir/Ma’am’

Do your research and find out the name of the HR head or whoever you are addressing the mail to. Writing sir/ma’am should be your very last resort, if you can’t by any means find out the name of the person in-charge of hiring. It’s easy to make the effort while at the same time making it seem more personal.

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4. Pay Attention To Grammar

Check the email twice, thrice and a few more times. A typo or a grammatical error could put you on the bottom of the list, almost immediately. You could even quickly run it by your friend so you get a second opinion.

5. Set Yourself Apart

What’s the one thing that sets you apart from the other candidates? Did you backpack through europe? Climb the Mount Everest? Help get electricity to a village in Madhya Pradesh? Those are the things worth mentioning, the rest are just degrees that a billion other graduates have.

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6. Always Include Contact Details

Most people forget or skip the very crucial part of including their mobile number in the application. It’s easy to miss an email, which is why you have to give the company an alternative way of reaching you.

7. Strong Subject Line

Your subject line needs to be bold and to the point, you need to get them to click. Lines like - Administrative Assistant Job - Your Name or Job Inquiry - Your Name always work, because they help communicate effectively.

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Good Luck!

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