M.A.C Collaborates With YouTube Sensation Patrick Starr And We Couldn't Be Happier!

M.A.C Collaborates With YouTube Sensation Patrick Starr And We Couldn't Be Happier!

OG Youtube make-up guru, Patrick Starr with 3 million (and counting) subscribers on YouTube, will be shining bright this holiday season, all thanks to his collaboration with M.A.C. cosmetics. 


A dream come true for Starr, he took to Instagram to share the super exciting news with his followers with a sneak peek of the collection that is called M.A.C x Patrick Starr. Looks like the collection is taking off with the launch of the M.A.C x Patrick Starr Setting Powder in Patrick’s Powder.

We also saw a hint of what’s to come when Starr said this to one of his followers on Twitter; so we suggest you keep your credit card ready!


Patrick Starr Twitter post 

Known for his dramatic transformations (remember, the time he looked like Rihanna?), this make-up maven has had the likes of Kim Kardashian and Katy Perry on his channel.



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Behind Starr’s current success lies an extraordinary journey. After high school, Starr began working as a freelance photographer and training at M.A.C cosmetics. In an interview with People in 2016, he describes how he felt depressed on not getting work which led to a new beginning.

“One day in February 2013, I woke up depressed because I hadn’t been assigned any hours at MAC. Working gave me an excuse to wear makeup all the time and for it to be ripped away … I needed a reason. I needed someplace somewhere to wear my makeup, so my artistry wouldn’t deplete itself and my technique wouldn’t go away. That’s when I started my YouTube channel.”


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Often bullied online for being gay or for putting on make-up, Starr has also spoken about the difficulties of being a guy in the world of beauty vlogging to Fashionista last year.

"We're boys and we get it. We have to work harder and do much more.”

While the collection will be available in the US from December 14, 2017, we hope to see it launched in India soon!

In the meantime, remember that make-up is one-size, it fits all of us!