Zodiac Signs Ranked From Kinky AF To Hella Vanilla

Zodiac Signs Ranked From Kinky AF To Hella Vanilla

Your zodiac sign says a lot about you, especially about your sex drive! So when I got an earful about how my friend’s Virgo boyfriend was being too vanilla in bed, I thought to myself that it’s time to get to the bottom of this. Which sun sign is the most experimental? Who likes to get down and dirty and who prefers missionary for the rest of their life? I’ve made a list and you can hold your hearts (and pants).

1. Aries - Fiery

It’s a fire sign so obviously they’re hot AF! Passionate, playful and always up for some kinky time. Though they face tough competition from Scorpio, Aries is all about those games in bed. So bring out those handcuffs, sex toys and blind folds for your naughty night in.

01 zodiac sign

2. Taurus - Long Lasting

The typically strong and silent types, they are excellent pillow talkers and have great stamina. But that’s about it. Lusty and sensual about sex in general, they always finish what they start (if you know what I mean). But their kinky side does appreciate some nasty stuff (google coprophilia).

02 zodiac sign

3. Gemini - Double Minded

A sign that gets bored easily and yet doesn’t like doing things alone. The Gemini is always a contradiction, so everything depends on their mood. But they do like new experiences, so maybe you can catch your partner at the right time and they might just hop on the wagon.

03 zodiac sign

4. Cancer - Family Feud

They aren’t exactly the kinkiest, mostly because they’re too emotional to be lustful. But they do like role-playing and pretending to ‘teach’ you stuff. So cash in on that, especially their strange daddy fantasies.

04 zodiac sign

5. Leo - Dominating

The most dominating sign in the zodiac, also loves being loved. So though they may be on board for some kinky BDSM (as long as you’re ready to be the submissive one), they need the validation that you love and respect them. Also, they’re constantly afraid of being judged, so be nice if you want to introduce something new in your sex routine.

05 zodiac sign

6. Virgo - Virgin

Virgos are always termed as a dud in the sheets but isn’t sexiness subjective? The sign can be experimental with the right partner. Also, Virgo is the Latin term for virgin, hence the hate, however, they love picking up new skills. Just make them believe that it’s worth their time.  

06 zodiac sign

7. Libra - Chill AF

Not the most attached or loving signs in the zodiac, casual sex is their go to for most situations. They don’t like making decisions, but if you plan the entire play, maybe they’ll be on board (they really can’t deal with people around them being unhappy).

07 zodiac sign

8. Scorpio - The King

Legit, the kings, or queens of sex! Scorpio does it like no other. They’re bold, fierce and very open about their sexual nature. Nothing is off the table, a scorpio will try everything at least once (and if they like it, then maybe it’ll become a regular occurrence). The sex gods of the zodiac, they understand the deep mysteries of an orgasm and it’s a well-guarded secret.

08 zodiac sign

9. Sagittarius - Pleasuring

This sign is constantly seeking enlightenment, sexual and spiritual. According to mythology, Sagittarius is represented by a centaur (half man, half horse) hence they are all about pursuing pleasure. Their sex life is always thrilling, so cash in on it!

09 zodiac sign

10. Capricorn - Perfectionist

A very lusty sun sign, the capricorn is an overachiever. They are never happy with what they’ve achieved and that applies for their sex life as well. So tell them you think they can make you cum harder and watch where that leads to!

10 zodiac sign

11. Aquarius - Lovers

They are die-hard lovers and sometimes, that’s a problem. But they really value a good connection, so if they are emotionally bonded, they’ll be willing to do just about anything for their lover. With the right amount of push.

11 zodiac sign

12. Pisces - Artist

These mysterious daydreamers are very hard to figure out but they are insanely creative. You want kinky? They’ll set up elaborate plays and storylines to keep you occupied all night. And surprisingly keep it romantic at the same time, it’s a talent.

12 zodiac sign

Have a sexy weekend, girls!

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