5 Amazing International Websites That Deliver To India (We Tested Them Out!)

5 Amazing International Websites That Deliver To India (We Tested Them Out!)

It’s hard to find a women that doesn’t like to shop online. We don’t have to hunt the entire store for the perfect dress (in our size!) or wait in line to pay for what we picked out. What is there to complain about? The best part is that we can shop from stores around the world, with just the click of a button! If you’re feeling limited by the options available in India - it’s time to check out these international websites, that deliver to India. They are extremely popular for their chic and stylish clothing, minimal custom duties and fast delivery! Happy shopping, ladies!


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ASOS is one of the best international websites for fashion that deliver to India. They are trustworthy, have minimum shipping charges and are well known for their fast delivery and authentic products. Also, delivery is free if you pick out items worth over £20 (Rs 1,700 approx). From high-end numbers to affordable ensembles, ASOS has it all!

“I am very happy with the quality of their products. They are fashionable and fit properly. Also, delivery was fast and I only had to pay the shipping charges” - Ishita Gupta, Ex Marketing Head, Red Chillies Entertainment.


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For the latest runway inspired fashion trends, Romwe is a one-stop shopping destination. They offer trendy clothing at unbelievable prices! They also have amazing discounts and offers with free shipping charges for orders over US$ 20 (Rs 1,300 approx).

“I love how stylish the clothes are! I bought so much stuff at a nominal price. The custom taxes were reasonable and my shipment arrived in 10 days” - Neha Dubey, Model.

3. Nastygal.com

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Nasty Gal is popular for its well-curated collection of clothes, shoes and sexy party wear dresses. The shipping costs and custom taxes are very minimal depending on which country you’re ordering from. However, they accept credit card payments only.

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“My friend from the States suggested that I buy my birthday dress from Nasty Gal. It took 20 days for the shipment to arrive. However, the dress is amazing and I am very happy with their service” -  Subha Paul, Fashion Designer.

4. Shein.com

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Shein offers a contemporary collection of clothing, accessories and fashionable dresses for every occasion. There is no minimum order and it usually takes 8-10 days to deliver to India. Delivery is free with minimum custom charges.

“I totally love this brand. I get all my stuff from Shein. The shipping charges and custom duty charges are very low unlike other websites. Delivery is fast and the clothes are super stylish. You can always get something for every occasion” - Isha Singh, Dermatologist.

5. Aliexpress.com

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Aliexpress offers everything, from menswear and womenswear clothing, accessories, home appliances to gadgets and electronics. You could choose an express delivery based on your need. However, delivery to India might take a while, from 15 to 30 days.

“Aliexpress has some really cool stuff. I bought a sweatshirt and a choker necklace. The custom taxes were pretty reasonable. Shipping was free and I chose the express delivery for which I had to pay extra. However it took 25 days for the shipment to arrive. But products were authentic and of good quality “ -  Barnashree Khasnobis.