10 Bollywood Movies That Would Have Ended Differently IRL

10 Bollywood Movies That Would Have Ended Differently IRL

Movies don’t always reflect reality; but, we still enjoy them as good ol’ entertainment! Not everytime do you have a happy ending in real life. Not everytime will the hero chase you down the street just to give you the perfect Hollywood kiss. In short, the utopian ideas sadly only remain confined to the silver screens. And so, today I thought of actually penning down what REALLY would happen if some of these movies transpired in real life.

P.S.: You’re in for a brutally honest ride here, my friends. Brace yourselves!

1. Tamasha

We love this movie, don’t doubt that. But let’s face it, it won’t happen in real life. This guy is not just bipolar; but, also absolutely neurotic in a normal situation. Even though it’s okay to realise where you belong after a few years, it’s definitely not okay to drop into someone’s life and expect them to keep waiting for you.

In real life:  This girl would have moved the fuck on with a loving boy who knows exactly what he wants and also knows her worth. She would have led a normal life and asked him to buzz off if he randomly dropped in to see her in Tokyo.

1 if movies ended differently

2. Kuch Kuch Hota Hai

While this movie is legendary, we would hate for it to materialise IRL. We wonder why Kajol takes him back. While we can understand that she waited for him when she was single, how the hell does she let him swoop in and wreck her current relationship? He absolutely overlooked her presence when he started dating the ‘hottie’ from his college. And if he was such a good friend, why did he never wanted to keep in touch with her? Really?

In real life: Anjali would have married the boy she was supposed to and not made such a big deal of a boy who didn’t even call her all these years!

3. Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani

We understand Bunny and his wish to never get married and also the fact that he suddenly changes his mind but what we can’t comprehend is the authority he shows when Naina is chilling with another boy. Also, the fact that Naina never moved on. Like, how?

In real life: She would have asked him to fuck off for disrespecting her date and would have had, at least a couple of boyfriends until now. She would have actually got one of them as a date for her best friend's wedding. After all, we have to think about practicality, right?

3 if movies ended differently

4. Jhoom Barabar Jhoom

Two strangers meet at a railway station and lie about life, love and simply make people up. Towards the end, they just fall in love with each other. A typical Bollywood movie; but, things don’t necessarily add up and happen like that, you know?

In real life: Even if two people meet they don’t indulge in such deep and private conversations and even if they do, they don’t just make up lovers who don’t even exist. I mean, you need to have a lot of free time on your hands to lie and then lie about lying. Jesus Christ!

5. Lage Raho Munna Bhai

So, a goon basically adopts Gandhigiri and we just love how he transforms everything. Well, because he is a nice man. But here is a thing - he lies about his profession for more than half of the movie and confesses it when his ass is on the line.

In real life: In real life, the girl will think twice before dating a goon who impersonates a professor and would never see him again. Okay?

5 if movies ended differenltly

6. Kaho Na...Pyaar Hai

A story of reincarnation where the former lover is killed because of the girl’s father and then she meets his doppelganger in a land far, far away. She falls in love with him because he has the same face and then, together, they find out who killed her past lover. Say what?

In real life: If you move on to a new place and bump into your dead boyfriend's doppelganger, you let him be. You don’t risk his life and get him all the way back to India to fight for your selfish motives. Please, oh please?

7. Ae Dil Hai Mushkil

A guy who is friend-zoned by his best friend goes on and does everything possible to make sure she falls in love with him. But she doesn’t. So, he confesses and moves on with another woman but, sadly can’t. Eventually the girl dies and this becomes a love story that made everyone cry!

In real life: When you friendzone a guy you expect him to understand because he is your friend. But, if he acts the way Ranbir did in the movie, you get absolutely creeped out and never see him again, no matter what!

7 if movies ended differently

8. No Entry

A story about three men who are in a polygamous relationship. They believe in the concept of cheating on their wives and get caught in return and promise them to never cheat again. And then, they live happily ever after! What the FUCK?

In real life: Any woman with an iota of self-respect will never stay with a man who thinks so low of her that he has to cheat. She will not accept him back and even if she does, she will never trust him completely again!

9. Cocktail

A story of three friends (two girls and one boy) where the boy hooks up with one and falls in love with the other. How convenient! In the end the friendzoned girl with whom he was hooking up with realizes how much her friends’ want to be with each other and sacrifices her love for her best friend.

In real life: She would have walked out on her best friend and ‘lover’ for being this selfish. End of story!

9 if movies ended differently

10. Life In A Metro

One of the most relatable movies so far because they actually showed complex relationships in metropolitan cities. While everyone found solace in their life, there was one married couple that cheated on each other and the husband came back home to his wife when he is jilted by his lover.

In real life: The woman tells him to buzz off and actually walks out of the house to be with a man who actually loved her. Life is too short to go back to the same person who hurt you so bad.

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