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You’ve Probably Been Putting On Your Bra All Wrong... Here’s How!

You’ve Probably Been Putting On Your Bra All Wrong... Here’s How!

It all began with this mind-bending tweet from Twitter user Brittany Packnett, of one the labels she found attached to her new bra. She found the directions on ‘How to put on a bra’. A simple process that all women assumed they had mastered since their tween years. See for yourself, ladies!

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Surprised? Freaking out? Confused? If you are anything like us your bra routine looks something like this: clasp the hooks in front of you when the tightness feels right, spin it around and put your hands through the straps and adjust your breasts in the cups. Did we nail it? Yes? Of course we did!

How about we tell you that is not the way you SHOULD be putting a bra on? This technique can lead to ill-fitting bras, possible side boob leakages and quicker wear and tear of your the pricey lingerie! This is how you should put your bra on:

1. Start by leaning forward a little and placing your breast in the cups so that it gets full coverage while sliding your hands in the straps.

2. Fasten the hooks behind your back on the loosest fitting, usually the first line of the hook.

3. Adjust the straps according to the fit that you wish to for and voila!

Some benefits of putting a bra on this way are that your bras can be used for longer since if they do stretch out the tighter hooks can be used to use them even post that. The experience will be more comfortable as well since we tend to wear bras really tight (unnecessarily) on our ribcages, leading to redding and discomfort. This way you can ensure that your bra is not suffocating you!

There you have it, the right way to put on a bra. Now it's not a rule of thumb to be doing it this way but it sure will help you adult a bit better by starting to put on one of the most intimate and necessary articles of clothing for women!

Published on Nov 6, 2017
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