Want To Opt For Hair Extensions For Your Big Day? Here's EVERYTHING You Need To Know!

Want To Opt For Hair Extensions For Your Big Day? Here's EVERYTHING You Need To Know!

There is a reason why the Kardashians swear by their hair extensions! And why wouldn’t they, it gives such a healthy boost to your hair, instantly making them locks look fuller and even more luscious. And which bride wouldn’t want her crowning glory to match up to the gorgeousness of her bridal outfit! But we get it, hair extensions can be tricky and as a bride, we are sure you don’t want to take any chances with your hairdo on your big day. So here’s a lowdown on everything you need to know about hair extensions before you choose to go with them. As always, you are the boss!

1. The right consultation

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So, after much thought, you have finally given a go ahead to hair extensions? Bravo! The next step towards flawless looking wedding mane is getting the right consultation for your hair extensions. Rekha of New Star Wigs- A bollywood approved wig boutique in Mumbai, explains, “Preferably, you should meet with an expert hairstylist who could advise you on the right type of hair extensions based on your tastes and that look that you have in mind. Additionally, the hairstylist would also assist you on the colour that would look most natural on your real hair and the after care ritual that you need to keep in mind.”

2. The length & hairstyle

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This is one of the most important elements that often takes a lot of time and effort to decide upon. Whether you are looking to go for an updo or just want to leave your hair open and exude your inner boho bride, your hair length and thickness is something you need to decide. This would entirely depend on the health of your hair as a weak mane would be a strict no- no for hair extensions.

3.Type of extensions

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There are a lot of hair extensions available in the market and the best one would entirely depend on the nature of your hair. There are three types of extensions, namely- tape ins, clip ons and weave in hair extensions which can be made with both synthetic and human hair. “Brides mostly prefer clip ons as they are easy to apply and hassle free. However, for long term hair extensions that last until 6-8 weeks and exceed up to your honeymoon, tape in extensions would look great. Rebound and weave-in hair extensions are best suited for brides with thick or extremely curly hair,” shares Rekha.

4. The price

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Now let’s get things straight, hair extensions are a costly affair. Whether you are looking to buy them separately from an expert or want to leave it to your hairstylist to decide, a clip on hair extensions would start from around Rs 5,000. And because tape-in and weaves have a longer shelf life (6 -8 weeks), their prices easily start from Rs 8,000.

5. After Care


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While clip on hair extensions are easy to maintain and most preferred by brides, care should be taken if you are opting for synthetic hair extensions as they tend to get tangled easily. For tape-ins and weaves, avoid washing your hair for at least 48 hours after the treatment. Use a sulphate free shampoo, a conditioner and a wide toothed comb while brushing your hair as they are more sensitive and may cause permanent damage to the roots if not handled with care.

6. Lasting Effects

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Clip on hair extensions are mostly temporary and can be removed on your own. It is the tape-ins and weaves that sometimes last even longer that 6-8 weeks (depending on the length and thickness of the weave). Anything exceeding that time frame, would definitely need you to take a trip to the parlour for a quick retouch.Your after care ritual also plays a huge role in maintaining those extensions. The more you care, the longer they stay!

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